Covering the Coverage

Interest in this game from media in Shreveport is almost overwhelming. The small press box at Independence Bowl Stadium is packed to capacity with some members of the press being left without a seat.

And the Wednesday night media dinner is expected to be a packed house, with approximately 90 freeloaders (this reporter included) signed up to attend.

After the moderator called for one last question during Wednesday's pre-game press conference, seven or eight more were asked, with more that were forthcoming when the party was finally, reluctantly broken up. Media from Oklahoma, Alabama and Louisiana encircled players and coaches outside the formal press conference in a seeming frenzy over the game.

Those sessions weren't enough for a couple of television personalities, who walked backwards in front of Kines, holding out cameras and microphones in front of him for about 100 yards before relenting at the escalator.

Much Ado

One of the more perplexing goofball stories to come out of Independence Bowl week was one about how Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy prohibited his players from entering casinos during the week while Alabama was not making the casinos off-limits to players of age. No investigative follow-up to see if those orders were carried out to the letter has yet been published.

One reporter from Oklahoma State was eager to assist Bama defensive tackle Jeremy Clark answer a question from an Alabama writer about what he knew of one of Oklahoma State's running backs. The reporter butted in, saying that not only did the Cowboys have a good running back, but two good running backs, a quarterback like Vince Young, two great receivers and that they feel like they can counter anything you do to stop them.

Makes you wonder how they lost six games, doesn't it?

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