Saban Faces More Questions About Alabama

Nick Saban faced off with the media over reports that he is contemplating an offer to become the head coach at The University of Alabama again Monday at a press conference in Miami.

Saban wanted to keep the topic of questions from reporters away from the subject, but questions about the Alabama job were prevalent.

Asked when it is appropriate to ask about a job for which he is rumored to be the number one candidate, Saban said, "When is it appropriate for me to have a chance to look at my wife and talk to her. When is that appropriate, after getting home at one o'clock in the morning last night and being here all day today. Is that appropriate? We don't have to talk about that, just to talk to her, say honey I miss you. How about happy New year."

A reporter told Saban he was left with the impression that Saban has an offer from Alabama, and that Saban was not quite sure what to do. Is that the impression that you want to leave us with right now? he asked.

"Why would I give you that impression," Saban said. "That's your impression that you're giving me but I don't have that impression. I'm trying to do my job here and that's what I'm focused on doing and that's it."

"I have not talked to anyone," Saban said.

Later, Saban was asked if an Associated Press report which claimed he would meet with Alabama this week was inaccurate.

"I don't know about that," he said before the Miami Dolphins PR person cut off the questioning.

Saban's opening comments lasted over 10 minutes.

"We said that this press conference is going to be about the Miami dolphins, the players and what we need to improve," he said. "I've got a rule that I'm not talking about any of that stuff and I would appreciate the courtesy of not having to talk about it at this time. That's not, I think this press conference is about this football team right now.

"If there's something new to report, it will certainly get reported," Saban said. "I'm committed to doing my job well here because this is my job. That's what I've done all day today and that's what I continue to do."

Saban said he had met with Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga.

"We meet quite often," he said. "We're just, I don't think anything that I'm willing to discuss right now. I think it's organizational business, what the future of the team is, what we need to do and some of the things that we're talking about right now. Those are the kinds of meetings that we had and that's what we talked about."

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