Veteran athlete isn't worried about Tide wideouts

With Freddie Milons and Jason McAddley departed for the NFL, fans are frankly wondering who'll make the big play at wide receiver. But junior wideout Brandon Greer isn't concerned. <br><br>"It's not something that worries me," he said. "I think any one of us can make the plays. You see it in practice; you see it in scrimmages. Any of us can make a play."

"They are a big loss," Greer acknowledged. "Freddie and Jason made big contributions to the team last year. But I think all our juniors and seniors have stepped up. I think Tree (Triandos Luke) and Dre (Fulgham) and myself have stepped up to the plate. We've been pretty consistent at practice, and I think we'll fill those holes."

With AC Carter still sidelined with injury, Sam Collins has taken on an increased leadership role with Bama's receivers.

Milons finished his career as one of Alabama's top receivers of all time, but even he needed a season to come into his own. And the average college athlete takes several years to mature. Greer explained, "This is my fourth year on campus, and I've come a long way. When I first started I came from a 1A school, so the speed of the game was just totally different. It took me awhile to get used to it. The defensive backs were just as fast or faster than me. I think I've progressed as time has gone on. I've learned to get off the line (of scrimmage)."

This season Greer is listed in the primary rotation at wide receiver, but it hasn't always been that way. "There were a lot of talented guys ahead of me for awhile," he related. "But like Coach Fran says, you've got to help the team however you can. Whatever your role is. At times my role was playing on the scout team, and then third team and now second team.

"I tried to do what I could to help the team."

For his first couple of seasons on campus, Greer was hard working but little noticed. However last spring, aided by several acrobatic catches in practice, fans and coaches took note. "(Making the tough catch) is all concentration," Greer explained. "Today I'm wide open and I drop a pass, and it was because I wasn't concentrating. That's all it is. If you look the ball completely in, you'll make the catch.

"It's a mindset. When you're going against a DB, you've got to think you're going to catch the ball and he's not. That's all it is. You're going to get it."

Probably the best athlete among the receivers, Dre Fulgham is looking to have a breakout season.

It began last spring, and now Wide Receivers Coach Kenith Pope consistently mentions Greer as one of his top five receivers. "Coach Pope has told me he knows I can play," Greer related. "I just have to be consistent and do what's asked of me. That's very comforting to hear. I've tried to work hard, and it's reassuring to hear that from Coach Pope."

Beginning with senior starter Sam Collins, Greer provided a quick scouting report on some of Bama's receivers. "Sam is a lot faster than people think. He has very good speed and great hands. He's an excellent leader. He's out there coaching each one of us. He helps coach me. If I don't know exactly what to do, he'll help. He's a great leader."

Triandos Luke saw action in every game last season, totaling 15 catches for 152 yards. "Triandos is a great receiver with excellent hands. He's got very quick feet. He's gets off the line very easy. Like Sam, he's a leader too. He's stepped up."

Fellow junior Dre Fulgham had an outstanding spring and fall. "I would say that Dre is the most athletic receiver we have. He has just a huge vertical jump. He's got huge hands. He makes one-handed grabs. He's a great athlete."

After slowly working his way up the depth chart, Brandon Greer is now listed as a member of the primary rotation at wide receiver.

Along with Greer, Zach Fletcher is listed second-string. But the junior college transfer will also be in the top rotation. "Zach has really stepped up and learned a lot. He looked good during the summer, but when he first came in he didn't know the plays. But he's learned. Now that he's not having to think about just the play, he's able to know what the defense is doing and make adjustments. He's got good speed. He can go down the field and make the long catches. I've seen it out here. He'll get vertical against the DB without any problem."

Greer has great admiration for the play of walk-ons Joel Babb and Lance Taylor. "You can't say enough about those two. Lance came in when I did and Joel was a year ahead of me. They work their tails off all the time. Right now Lance has a broken wrist, but he's still making the catches, working as hard as he can. And Joel is just constantly working, plus he's a good athlete."

Redshirt freshman Brandon Brooks is tiny for a college athlete, but Greer thinks he can play. "Looks deceive people. Brandon isn't too small at all. He's fast as everything. He ran like a 4.3 something last spring. When he gets open he makes the catches."

True freshman Marcus McKnight has some work to do in the weight room, but Greer is impressed with his potential. "Marcus has good speed. Once he learns the plays and gets things down, he's going to be a great receiver here. We watched him in freshman camp, and he looked great. He's got good hands."

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