Spectacular Athlete Back from Tuscaloosa

Tarrant's (Ala.) Marquis Maze is back from his visit to Tuscaloosa. The attention that has befallen Maze in the last two weeks with his recruitment reopened has been a little overwhelming to say the least. Coach Rogers told us last week, "He fears the phone ringing right now. I told him to fear when the phone stops ringing."

"It went real well, and I had a good time," Marquis Maze said of his official visit. "I toured the facilities and stuff like that--met with the academic advisors. After that they just let me go with my host (Earl Alexander), and we went out."

"They took us out on the field last night [Saturday]. It was fun. It's not like going to a game, but it was a lot of fun."

We asked Maze what's left on his agenda with visits to Alabama and Tennessee under his belt.

"I will visit Miami next Saturday (January 27)," he said.

We asked Maze what he thinks are the deciding factors, "I don't know yet," Maze said. "I've got to wait and see with next weekend. I'm just going to with my heart. I really don't know right now."

Tennessee very much remains in the mix for his signature as well.

Maze will have some help weighing his options with his team of advisors that include his mom and his high school coach.

Maze plays guard on his high school basketball team and the Wildcats of Tarrant will take on Corner this Friday.

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