Q&A with Nick Fanuzzi

Quarterback Nick Fanuzzi didn't take long to make a commitment after his visit to Tuscaloosa this past weekend. He gave every indication Sunday night he was close to a decision. Scout.com got the first call from Fanuzzi Monday morning, after talking with the University of Alabama coaching staff, to share his intentions of his college decision.

The 6-3, 195-pound Fanuzzi comes from an athletically prodigious family. His father (Mike) was an SEC quarterback, and each of his siblings have plied their trade at major Division-1 schools, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech.

Now it's the younger Fanuzzi who is the latest to carry the torch for the family when he suits up for the tradition-filled Crimson Tide football team.

Fanuzzi took some time with Scout.com to reflect on the events that brought him to the University of Alabama.

Rebecca Johnston: Let's talk about your March commitment to Miami. What were the reasons you committed to Coach (Larry) Coker and the Hurricanes at that time?

Nick Fanuzzi: I liked their football program. I really got along with the coaches there, and the situation was really good. It just felt right. It was a good fit.

RJ: The University of Miami had a somewhat difficult year with the Florida International game, the losses and the coaching change, which of course Alabama is also going through. At what point did you decide to open up your recruitment?

NF: I was 100-percent with them until coach Coker was fired, and that changed a lot of things right there. Even after coach Coker was fired I still really liked coach (Randy) Shannon. I was still committed to them. I still felt comfortable, but they didn't have an offensive coordinator for a long time. I was kind of waiting around, and things were happening. I just decided I needed to have some options out there. I started taking visits, and when Alabama came along it was a really good opportunity. I felt good about checking it out. I felt really comfortable there. I wanted to be a part of something really special.

RJ: I know you are a Texan, but what are your memories of Alabama football over the years?

NF: My parents both graduated from the University of Kentucky. We've always been big SEC fans, and I guess my biggest memory would be Alabama always beating Kentucky in football (laughing).

RJ: Your dad played in the 1970s at Kentucky which was an historic time for the Alabama program. What are his memories of playing against Alabama and Coach Bryant?

NF: Yes, he did. That's right. They were going 11-1, 11-1 (laughter).

RJ: Are you familiar with any Alabama players?

NF: (Ken) Stabler, (Joe) Namath, (Brodie) Croyle, (Bart) Starr. There have been a lot of great quarterbacks.

RJ: Did your parents give you any advice about your decision?

NF: They told me to enjoy my visit and see if I could picture myself there. See if I could see myself going to school there for four or five years. That's the question they gave me. Just see if it felt right.

RJ: It did not take long for you to find out if Alabama was the right fit.

NF: (laughter) No, it didn't take too long. You're right.

RJ: What kind of offense do you run at Churchill High School?

NF: We run mostly a spread offense.

RJ: Did the offensive coaching staff offer you any indication of the type of offense you will run at Alabama?

NF: Very similar. They are going to be very diverse. We are going to run a lot of everything.

RJ: You have a rapport with coach Major Applewhite. Tell us about that relationship.

NF: My sister went to the same school, Texas. I've gone to camps growing up, Texas football camps and coach Applewhite worked those. I've just followed his history.

RJ: Did that weigh heavily in your decision?

NF: It was a big factor. Especially since he is the coach I'm going to be working with the next few years. To have someone like coach Applewhite is huge.

RJ: Coach Applewhite is named after a former Alabama football player (Major Ogilvie) isn't he?

NF: Yes ma'am he is.

RJ: What will you do this spring?

NF: I will be playing baseball. I play center field.

RJ: Where do you bat in the order?

NF: Three.

RJ: So you're a pretty good power hitter?

NF: Yes ma'am.

RJ: What was your batting average last year?

NF: Around .350.

The University of Alabama landed a big commitment in this tall Texan. He excels in baseball as well. Fanuzzi's name will add to the fall roster of quarterbacks along with John Parker Wilson, Jimmy Barnes and Greg McElroy.

Stay tuned for Nick Fanuzzi's 'Time-Out' with Scout.com.

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