Elliott McGaskin Talks Alabama Visit

Scout.com three-star safety Elliot McGaskin, from Mobile-B.C.Rain, (Ala.), finally made his official visit to the Capstone. McGaskin was scheduled for a visit in Tuscaloosa last weekend, but transportation problems kept him in Mobile. He talks of his time in Tuscaloosa.

"Man, it went really well," said Elliott McGaskin. "I really like it up there. My player host was Zack Schreiber, and we got along real good. He took me around, and we met a bunch of the other players. I got a chance to talk to D.J. Hall and (Jeffrey) Dukes. It was great all the love they were showing me."

"I got there on Friday, and we checked in. Me and some of the other guys ate dinner and just chilled out when I first got there. Then I met Zack (Schreiber), and he took me out that night and showed me the campus and a few parties."

McGaskin talks of his favorite part of the trip.

"Oh man, it was when I met Nick Saban," he said. "I set down and talked to him for awhile. It was great."

"My commitment is very strong. I am 100-per cent about Bama. I am not going anywhere."

McGaskin told Scout.com, before his trip to Tuscaloosa, he had visits to Arkansas and West Virginia scheduled for the next two weekends. Did that change?

"I might still make it, but I am thinking about going back to Alabama next weekend for an unofficial to help with recruiting," he said. "Michael McNeil and me got real close this weekend. He really loved the trip, but he is still not sure of where he wants to go. He said sometime by Tuesday he should know."

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