Safety Chris Lett Inks with Alabama three-star safety Chris Lett became the first commitment of the 2007 class. Lett remained solid with the Crimson Tide throughout the recruiting process, and he has signed his letter of intent. Lett talks of the decision, and coach Mike Bennett shares insight of his star player.

"I always felt good about Alabama," said Chris Lett from Pensacola, (Fla.). "I enjoyed being up there when I went to visit. I liked the fans and the atmosphere. I felt like it was a good fit for me."

Lett received several scholarship offers including Auburn, Florida and South Florida, but never flirted with another school.

He definitely has the size (6-1, 205-pounds) and speed (4.5) to make an impact as a SEC defensive back.

Lett recorded 47 tackles and three interceptions his senior season. He scored a 17 on the ACT and holds a 2.7 GPA.

Pensacola head coach Mike Bennett talks with's Rebecca Johnston.

"He's been unbelievable," Bennett said. "The best athlete that I have ever, ever coached, ever been around. Just a tremendous young person. An awesome football player."

Rebecca Johnston: What do you expect from Lett on the next level?

CMB: To be honest with you, I expect if he does the things that he's supposed to do I expect him to be able to go in and contribute as a freshman. If he will continue to work the way that he works here, and do the things he's already doing, I expect him to one day play on Sunday.

RJ: He made his decision relatively early to go to Alabama , what do you think went into that decision?

CMB: I don't really know because I think he just felt very comfortable being there. He's always been a Florida fan. All his life. We all thought he was going to Florida. He kind of threw us all off and decided on Alabama, but I believe it was because it is a great situation at Alabama. The old staff was there then, and coach (Mike) Shula, they did a great job. He never waivered. He met coach (Nick) Saban and coach Lance Thompson, and just really enjoyed those guys. That's where he wanted to go. I don't think it mattered who the coach was at Alabama. He just really loved Alabama.

He never really looked anywhere else. Some people came in and talked to him. Arkansas tried to get him to come up. There were a couple of others, but he never waivered, whatsoever. I think it is the University. He enjoyed being around the players. That's one thing I always tell our players around here. You never know who the coach is going to be from year to year. Coach Saban, hopefully, will be there as long as Chris is there, but you know players are not going to determine who stays and who goes. You've got to go because you feel at home with the University. You have to be very comfortable with the guys that you are going to be playing with, and Chris was very comfortable with the guys he was going to be playing with. He really loved the University. I think he'll be a great player for Alabama, and Alabama will be a great institution for him.

RJ: Will you have a signing day ceremony at the school?

CMB: Yes, at 10:00 a.m. We have seven-eight kids that are going to sign. tomorrow.

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