Fact or Fiction?

The rumor hit the BamaMag.com message board on Wednesday, but this particular rumor turns out to be a true story that dates back to a high school baseball contest three weeks ago.

The rumor was that an LSU fan was in Tuscaloosa and stopped by the University of Alabama football complex and left a "prize" on the car of Alabama Coach Nick Saban. That prize was a small LSU bumper sticker.

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The story turned out to be pretty much spot-on.

Covington High School's baseball team, from Covington, Louisiana, was in Tuscaloosa where it played , Bryant, Tuscaloosa County and Northridge High teams around the weekend of February 23-25, during which time they practiced at Alabama's Sewell-Thomas Stadium "The Joe". The Covington team is coached by former Alabama player Jeff Dragg.

According to a person who heard Dragg telling the story, the team was hanging out outside the complex and noticed Saban's car. When the coach later found out the LSU sticker had been placed on Saban's car, he gathered the team together and told them one of them should confess to the mischievous act, but none of the players did so. Then, finally, in light of all the awkwardness, one of the parents of the kids who was in town with his baseball-playing son approached Dragg to tell he had put the sticker on Saban's car.

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