Where's Nick?

Alabama Coach Nick Saban revealed a little about Alabama's defensive philosophy and also shared some information about his fole in Crimson Tide football practices Saturday. Saban has pointed out in the past that he does more work with the defense than the offense because defense is his area of expertise and experience, even though he was a quarterback as a player.

Following Alabama's first day of spring practice Saturday, Nick Saban was asked about the part he took in coaching individual players. Sportswriters and broadcast outlets were able to view about a half hour of individual work, and in that time Saban was working with defensive backs.

Saban said, "In the individual part of practice I work with the defense. In team stuff I work with both sides, talk to the players about what they need to do, what the critical things on both sides of the ball are. I coach the defensive players, but I also coach the offensive players and the tempo."

He said, "We don't really have a GA (graduate assistant coach) to help us in the secondary right now, so Kirby (Smartt) is kind of by himself. Almost 50 per cent of what we do is some kind of nickel, so we've got five or six guys out there and it's kind of hard for one guy to coach all those positions.

"So I'm his GA in individual period."


You guys don't think that's funny? You guys criticize me like I don't have a sense of humor."

Tuscaloosa News Sports Editor Cecil Hurt, who does have a good sense of humor, said, "That's a good budget for GA," referring to Saban's reported $4 million a year salary.

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