Alabama Lands Second Verbal of the Day

Corey Smith, from Bunker Hill-Mussellman, (W.Va.), took an unofficial visit to Alabama this weekend for the Tide's first spring practice. The top kicker gave his commitment to coach Nick Saban during his visit in Tuscaloosa. Smith talks about his decision.

"I committed to Alabama today," Corey Smith said. "I went in Coach [Nick] Saban's office today for a meeting, and I committed in his office."

"We met with him yesterday and today. His main thing was not pressuring someone to commit. He wants you to commit when you are ready. We knew the night before that's where I wanted to be. I told coach Saban I wanted to be a part of the Crimson Tide. My family supported me with my decision."

"As soon as I got there I knew that is where I wanted to be. We looked around, and I loved it. I don't know how to describe it. They have great facilities, and the weather is great."

"Coach Saban is a great coach. He has proven success in college. It's a number of things that I like about Alabama. It's hard to put into words. I am just really excited right now."

Birmingham-Woodlawn, (Ala.) defensive end Undra Billingsley gave his commitment to Alabama as well. Smith spent time with a couple of the Tide's latest commitments.

"I got to know Brandon Lewis and Undra Billinsgsley," Smith said. "We all got to know each other real well. We hung out together. We were all real excited. It was an upbeat atmosphere in coach Saban's office. He was real excited."

"I said all along once I make my commitment that is where I am going to go. I don't need to visit any other schools. I am going to Alabama."

Smith talks about the Crimson Tide's first day of spring practice under a new coaching staff.

"I know a lot of nerves were out there because it was the first day, but I thought it was a good day. People were getting used to the transition. Coach Saban's main thing is he always wants people doing something. He doesn't want anyone to stand around," said Smith.

Smith was the No. 2 rated kicker at the combine as a junior. Smith earned All-State honors as both a placekicker and a punter.

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