Spring Practice Day Two

Tuesday was day two of Alabama football practice in the Nick Saban era, but more importantly it was day two of only 15 spring practice sessions allowed per NCAA rules, meaning that Alabama is already 13.3 per cent finished with spring ball.

Saban was not available to speak to the media following the practice to give an overall spin after the second day, but a handful of Alabama players were escorted into a windowless holding pen on the ground floor of the football complex where the media waited for post-practice interviews.

"It didn't go as well as we would like to, still a lot of mistakes and everything," linebacker Matt Collins said. "A lot of that comes from not knowing what to do and whenever you're not sure you never go 100 per cent because you're real tentative about what you do. A lot of us are getting used to this heat out here, but I would say all-in-all it was a pretty good practice. The simple fact that it is a new staff and an entirely new defense is the biggest difference."

Senior-to-be Simeon Castille said Tuesday's practice was, "Alright. We need a better tempo in practice. We can definitely improve."

Saban began his career as a defensive backs coach and then was a defensive coordinator, and spends a lot of his time with the cornerbacks even now. Castille said having the coach watching over his group more closely than others, was a good thing for his group.

"I like it. He's intense and I just think he's going to make us better as a secondary. I also like the fact that he knows a lot about defensive backs. I'm trying to take in everything he's saying. Every play he's correcting somethingj."

Keith Saunders, who was a defensive end a year ago, is now an outside linebacker in Saban's 3-4 scheme. He will spend part of his time rushing the passer from a defensive end position as he did last year, and will now be asked to drop in pass coverage part of the time.

"I'm playing a lot of stand up, and down (line) now, so I will be dropping and rushing the passer. I'm enjoying it," he said. When asked if the defense would look similar to last year's when Alabama ran a good deal of 3-3-5 alignments, Saunders said, "Yes and no. A little bit. Not really."

On offense, receiver Keith Brown, who is 6-3 and currently weighs 207 pounds, said, "It was a good day today. I think it was a little bit better practice overall, but the coaches have a different point of view than we do. It wasn't at the point we wanted it to be but we're on our way. Personally, I don't think I had a good practice last week."

Roster Notes:
Some housekeeping remains doing on the Crimson Tide official roster, but Tuesday's version confirmed the long suspected exits of offensive linemen Cole Harvey and Trent Davidson from the squad. Also, two players who entered school in scholarship in January are now practicing with the team and have numbers: running back Jamar Taylor (39) and defensive back Kareem Jackson (3). Patrick Hanrahan has moved to linebacker and is wearing number 40.

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