Luther Davis Visits Tide Scrimmage

Luther Davis was one of Alabama's most prized defensive recruits who signed with the Tide in 2007. Davis made it back to the Capstone last Friday, and he talked in-depth with about the trip.

"It was a good time for me to get back," Luther Davis said from West Monroe, (La.). "I have been so busy focusing on school and my training. It was good to get back down there. I got to hang out with the players and meet with the coaches. I got a chance to go in the meeting room and watch film. I was able to get a better feel for what they have in store for us."

"It was wonderful to sit in on the meetings. You always hear about how college meetings can go. I got a chance to sit in on a meeting with the whole defense and one with just my position. I kind of felt like I was at home in my position meetings because of a lot things the players were messing up on, as far as alignments, I was thinking in my head and got the right answer every time."

"I talked with coach [Bo] Davis about it, and he was impressed. That alone made me feel really comfortable and really at home. When I come in I should be able adjust."

Davis talked about several of the coaches who caught his eye during his trip.

"Well, my position coach-coach Davis, coach [Lance] Thompson and coach [Kirby] Smart stood out. Their intensity in practice is just amazing--the way they had guys bouncing around and jumping to the ball," he said.

"Of course, coach [Nick] Saban. He was really involved. He was running around and keeping the guys' spirits up. He would get on them when they done something wrong, but the next time they got it right. He expects the best out of his players, and I am really looking forward to that."

Davis was asked of one of the first things he did when he arrived in Tuscaloosa.

"Actually, one of the first things was I asked the players how tough the fourth quarter program was. They said it was really intense and is just a solid month of running," he said.

Davis described the way he thought the team performed in the scrimmage.

"In my opinion, offensively we looked great. Defensively, of course we could use some work. We lost a lot of starters," he said.

Davis continued to talk about the defense, "I think Wallace [Gillberry] is doing a great job of anchoring the defensive line. He is pretty much doing a great job anchoring the front seven."

"Simeon Castille really stood out to me. He had a great scrimmage. There are a lot of guys that I think will contribute later on. I think the biggest adjustment for them is trying to adjust to the terminology and the alignments."

A new position for the Tide defense is the "Jack" linebacker, a defensive end who can line up on the line or used as a linebacker to primarily to rush the quarterback. Davis talked about the position.

"I can see myself playing there," he said. "I played that position a lot my junior year. It will be interesting to see if I play there. I watched that position a whole lot along with the five-tech. I feel like I can come in and contribute at either position."

Davis added his comments about the offense, "Jamar Taylor, the true freshman, he really impressed me. For awhile I didn't know whether he would redshirt or not, but I think he pretty much has a chance to compete for playing time."

"John Parker Wilson made some great plays, in my opinion, and made some great reads."

"And then, there was Andre Smith. I was really keying on him mostly because I may have to go against him. I am not going to say the player's name, but he body slammed a player and pancaked him. It was crazy. I am not looking forward to going against him. Hopefully, I will play the other end. If I have to go against him at least I know I will get better because I am going against the best offensive lineman in the SEC if not the country."

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