Wilson for Accountability

"They did some things differently on defense out there tonight that we really hadn't seen before on film."

That and similar phrases were uttered with a degree of regularity last season as Alabama struggled to a 6-7 season. And truth is, it's not against the rules in college football for the opponent to change things up from week to week (even though Bama rarely did.)

According to quarterback John Parker Wilson, the lexicon of talking at length about what the opponent might or might not have done differently seems likely to disappear under new Head Coach Nick Saban.

"We talk more about, if a play goes wrong, how we affected it," Wilson said Tuesday after Bama's 13th of 15 spring practices. "We've got to take care of our business. The other team can do whatever they want to but we've really got to concentrate on ourselves and our assignment, being disciplined and doing your job. If you don't do that you're not going to have a chance."

Wilson still seemed a little perturbed about Saturday's scrimmage where he struggled passing in the rain.

"I didn't have such a good day passing," he said. "That's safe to say, seeing that I was 10 for 31 with three picks. We've just got to get better. We looked at film hard yesterday."

But there is encouragement for the offense after just 13 practices in the new system. Wilson said "my head was spinning" after the first day of practice, but now he's comfortable leading the offense out of the huddle. Wilson and the offense had a great day on Friday, according to Saban and players, before struggling at the scrimmage.

"As far as scheme, that will come," Wilson said. "We've got to be a better unit right now. We've only had 13 practices right now so I think it's going to take the rest of the spring, us working together this summer and then training camp.

"We had a good day Friday with a lot of completions. Saturday we struggled a little bit, different things on every play. That's what I was talking about in being consistent and being accountable."

Wilson said some members still have to "buy in" to the system.

"I think we have a good intensity out there now," he said. "Practice tempo is a little faster. You get a little more reps. We've got to get everybody to buy into the team right now, and once we do that we'll be headed in the right direction."

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