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Tide Head Coach Dennis Franchione on the North Texas game: "We got to play a lot of people. We got a lot of yards offensively. Defense, other than the first drive, played well. Offense hurt itself a little bit on the turnovers, but all in all, it was a pretty good effort."

"Had a chance to put them away a little better in the first half, did not quite get it done. The three turnovers were disappointing."

"Shaud (Williams) had a good night. He ran the ball well. He caught the ball and did a great job on punt returns."

(After someone questioned if team appeared flat): "I don't think we were flat at all. The coaches did a good job this week. Sometimes you can't play at the same emotional level 13 straight games. I wish we could. As a coach you try for that to happen but sometimes you have to come out and play at enough of an emotional edge that you play well enough to win a football game. And we did that. I don't think we were flat at all. The coaches did a pretty good job, and I think the players came back with a little bit of an anger and frustration after the game last week. Not certainly a satisfaction."

(On whether he worried about Croyle making dives & risking injury): "It was great to get Brodie (Croyle) some playing time. It was good to see him get some runs. He showed a lot of guts and courage. Those are the plays he can build on."

(The A-Back production): "It makes us harder to defense with Shaud (Williams) in the game. We don't want to depend on any one player. In the big scheme of things that makes us hard to defend."

(Tyler Watts' play): "Tyler (Watts) did a lot of good things. He and I were both disappointed at his turnovers. It was great to get Brodie so much action. He did well I thought. The last throw right before the half was a miscommunication."

Alabama Player Quotes

Defensive tackle Jarrett Johnson:
"We feel good about the game. Our main focus was we wanted to eliminate the big plays and we did that tonight. We're excited about that. We thought we played real consistent tonight."

Defensive end Nautyn McKay-Loescher:
"It was a good defensive game today. D-Line came off and we really proved we can be a fourth quarter team by sticking that dagger in and finishing the game off."

"I thought we improved a lot from last week. We made strides by creating turnovers on the defensive side of the ball which we didn't do last week. We did really well at recovering after that first long drive. And we didn't give up any real big plays today like we did last week."

A-Back Ray Hudson:
"I feel real good. When all of us get loose, anything can happen."

"All that did (last week's game against Oklahoma) was draw us together. We were out for blood."

North Texas Coach Darrell Dickey

"Anytime you play a good team on the road, you have to play extremely well. You've got to put yourself in a position that you have a chance to win and we did not do that tonight. At times we made some improvements, and we made some plays in some areas that we hadn't."

"Defensively, Alabama did a good job of scheming us on some things that really hurt us."

"Cody Spencer went down about the second series of the game with an injury and we don't know exactly how severe it is, but it's not real good. We missed his leadership and his speed defending this type of team. I think Chris Hurd and Koryee Wyatt came in and played well and did some things, but when you lose your top returning tackler and one of your captains for your defense it hurts. But I thought those guys came in and did a nice job."

"We've got to play extremely well in all three areas, almost close to flawless to have a realistic chance to win."

"Offensively, after the first drive of the game, which we pretty much drove the length of the field, missing the field goal, we were very inconsistent. We did try to do some things to be a little bit more aggressive offensively and at times we made some plays but at times, we were very inconsistent."

"I thought Andrew Smith, for coming into this environment, his first start, and getting knocked around as much as he did, really kept his composure and played well. The fact that he went out there and didn't get intimidated by the environment shows me that we've got two good quarterbacks."

"To be able to run the ball more effectively, we've got to get people to respect our passing game."

(on Alabama) "They can attack you with their option and their running plays. Their quarterbacks look mentally tough. Their play-action passing game is very good."

#17 Chris Hurd, LB
(On Cody Spencer's injury)- "It was a big loss. He is a great athlete and when you lose a guy like that you hope that you can reinforce what he has done."

"They have a great football team. We didn't go out and execute as well as we have been. We had too many mental blocks and they took advantage of that."

#20 Don McGee, DB
(On his interception)- "We had been playing man and we went to a cover zone. We figured that he would throw a fade and he just threw it right to me."

"You can't shut out everybody. The goal is to keep everyone out of the end zone, bend but don't break. The name of the game is defense."

"(TCU) is almost an identical team. They will run the option more than Alabama did this week. We will prepare very much the same we did for this game."

"We had a lot of people in positions they had not practiced at all week with the injuries. There was a lot of confusion out there. The big thing that got us was our mental break downs."

"(Alabama) was more of a physical line than Texas was. Alabama wants to run the ball. Texas wants to get the ball to the receivers. If you stop Alabama on first and second down they are going to keep running at you."

"They were very well coached out there and they don't miss a step when they put someone else in (at running back)."

#12 Andrew Smith, QB
"I knew they would be coming. Watching the film this week, they liked to blitz. I think we adjusted pretty good. Playing this position you're going to take some hits."

"The run wasn't going to last without something else going on offense. We had to keep them on their heels and mix it up a bit."

"We need to put this game behind us. We did some good things. We need to focus on what we are doing and what we need to do to get big plays and put up some points."

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