Luther Davis Set to Enroll

The University of Alabama's defensive line received a huge boost when defensive end Luther Davis was cleared academically to enroll in school. Davis shares the news...

"I just got some good news," Luther Davis said. "I actually got the news Thursday. Coach [Bo] Davis and my advisor from Alabama called me. It was kind of a weird deal. I was with my personal trainer, and they called and said, ‘Luther, we need you on campus Sunday by three o'clock'."

"I was like what is going on? They said you qualified and need you here as soon as possible. It is kind of short notice. I am trying to get everything taken care of today and packed up to go by Sunday. I am leaving tomorrow morning."

"I will start working out with the team on Monday and start classes on Tuesday."

"I am real excited. It didn't sink in until I saw my mom. She can't even talk about it without getting tears in her eyes. I have come a long way with people telling me I couldn't do it."

"They said I would have to go to junior college or not go to college at all. I thank them. They were my motivation for telling me I couldn't do it. It is a blessing for me and my family."

With the big academic hurdle behind him, Davis talked about his new goals.

"Right now I am in the best shape of my life," he said. "I am close to 270 [pounds], but I am slim and trim. I probably look closer to 240. I am a whole lot faster."

"I am just going to go in and look to some of the older guys. I will learn from them and try to do the best I can to get used to Tuscaloosa. I am going to try to become one with me team so we can be a unit. I am ready to help get this thing on a roll."

Look for Davis to make a big impact on the Crimson Tide's defensive line this fall. Alabama's thin defensive front just got a little more depth.

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