Moore Has Begun Baseball Search

Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore appreciates the job Jim Wells has done as Crimson Tide baseball coach. Now Moore has begun a search for his successor.

Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore probably won't have quite the stress in his search for the second head coach of a Crimson Tide team this year as he had for the first.

Moore said Thursday that he appreciates the job that Jim Wells did in his 13 years as Alabama's head coach. The athletics director also said that he has begun the process of finding a successor.

Earlier this year Moore landed Nick Saban as new head coach of the Alabama football program.

"I want to say how much I appreciate Jim Wells for his efforts on behalf of The University of Alabama," Moore told 'BAMA Magazine/ Thursday. "We have enjoyed his great record of success in his 13 years at Alabama. He has made a major contribution to Crimson Tide athletics.

"He is an outstanding coach and a fine man.

"We wish in the best and offer a public 'Thank you' to him."

Moore said the search for a successor would begin "immediately."

He said his goal will be to "do our best to secure the very best baseball coach we can find."

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