Slive "Open-Minded" to Plus-One Game

Nostalgia was on the mind of Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive Wednesday morning as he commenced SEC Media Days at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover.

This year marks the 75th year of the Southeastern Conference, and Slive invoked FDR and $40 per month mortgage payments in reminiscing about yesteryear.

Now Slive runs a multi-million dollar organization, however, and he ran down a laundry list of SEC accomplishments over his five years as the head of the league, dating back to 2002.

A key issue facing the future of college football that Slive hopes to impact is the future of post-season play. He referenced a recent report that said powerbrokers in college football were more interested in a plus-one format.

"We in the SEC are very open-minded about a plus-one format," Slive said.

Slive added that his open-mindedness had parameters he has discussed before: 1.) Maintaining the importance of the regular season, 2.) Support for current bowl games and 3.) Keeping football a one-semester sport.

Slive bragged that the conference took a leading role in cracking down on bogus secondary schools who were passing off fake classes and fake schools to get good players eligible.

Slive also said, with much evidence to back him, that the SEC had re-ascended to become the most competitive athletics conference in the nation. Somewhat more frivolously, he emphasized the SEC's commitment to academics and building character, including touting the little know mentor program instituted last year with the clever acronym MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention).

Slive was ranked 19th on the Birmingham News' list of 25 most influential people in the league's history, although the explanation of that rankings rested heavily on what Slive might do in the future (???).

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban will be in Hoover on Wednesday, and in addition to his media duties, he will meet with a group of Alabama advertisers at Shula's steakhouse. Shula's is the signature restaurant at The Wynfrey Hotel.

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