Discipline on the Down Low

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban didn't comment specifically when asked about the three football players arrested two weeks ago in Tuscaloosa, but he said discipline would be handled internally - and was being hanlded - in the Radio/Internet room at SEC Media Days in Hoover Thursday morning.

"Discipline is changing behavior. Discipline is not punishment, and you used word punishment," he said. "Whatever we do we need to change players so they can continue to develop. If punishing them is best way to accomplish that then certainly we'll do it."

Saban didn't say whether Brandon Deaderick, Brandon Fanney or Roy Upchurch, who were arrested on the strip in Tuscaloosa two weeks ago, would face suspension, but indicated their status would be determined in part by how they deal with internal discipline being implemented -- presumably one that involves a lot of sweating.

Asked specifically about suspensions, he said "Did I say supsensions?"

"It'll be their responsibility to represent Alabama in a first class way," he said. If they don't respond to that (internal discipline) then there is a question as to whether they can represent the institution or not but, we're going to give them a chance to do that."

"It is what it is," Saban said, "and I want you to know when we have player issues its not going become a public deal it's going to be handled internally, in the family."

Saban anticipated questions about his expectations and evaluations of the coming team saying, "I want to preempt it all... you may know a lot more about our team that we may know. In some cases you may be the expert."

Questions about expectations followed. Saban said it wouldn't be much fun to coach at a place where they didn't expect to win.

"The most important thing is that you be realistic," he said. "Expectations can only set you up for frustration."

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