McCoy Could Be the Surprise (Updated)

With nine starters returning from last season Alabama's offense for the coming season appears to have the makings of a record-setter.

On Thursday at SEC Media Days, Antoine Caldwell provide a peak into Alabama's seven-on-seven summer workouts, saying that Mike McCoy was "the number one player by far" in terms of younger players who might surprise Alabama fans this season.

DJ Hall has even been like ,'Man. This guy's turned into a monster,'" Caldwell said. "It's like a switch just came on for him. He's always been an incredible athlete. He's turned into a completely different person and a player. I can't speak enough for what he's done."

When Simeon Castille first heard McCoy's name he said, "Whew! It's awesome to see a player work hard and you see him reap the benefits of it. He is just transformed. His body is changed and he's gotten faster.

"We ran forties (40-yard dash) the other day I know he ran 4.4 something. He's been doing awesome in pass skel, he's been tearing up the conditioning that we do. He's just been working his tail off."

As for other newcomers to the Crimson Tide campus, Caldwell said, "Pat Crump from Hoover looks great, very athletic. Will Vlachos is physical guy, athletic and looks great. Rolando McClain looks great, Josh Chapman too. This whole recruiting class is a great class. The whole group looks good."

Castille said, "Another player that probably caught my eye would be Terry Grant, and Kareem Jackson. Terry Grant can just flat our fly."

Caldwell referred back to the several red zone opportunities Alabama squandered last year as a key focus for change.

"Its obvious, red zone," Caldwell said. "We've got to put some points up. Maybe we weren't finishing enough, play calling, whatever, but when it's all said and done we've got to make it happen. When we need three yards to the goal line we've. (Alabama offensive line coach) Coach Pendry has done a good job stressing that."

Caldwell was asked about Nick Saban, and when asked about Bama's offensive coordinator Major Applewhite note, "He's intense as well."

"Coach Applewhite, he's a special guy," Caldwell said. "I think the whole football team found that out early. Plus, he's a younger guy. It's good to have a guy like that we can relate to."

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