Saban: Routine is Important

Another topic of Wednesday's press briefing was the game week practice schedule of a Saban-coached team. "I think routine is important," Saban said, and then he added that his daily rituals include microwaving yesterday's coffee before consuming his Little Debbie Oatmeal cakes each morning. He outlined his team's schedule this week, which will be the one used all year:

Sunday: off.
Monday kicking game and seven-on-seven in shells (shorts, shoulder pads, helmets).
Tuesday: first-and-ten, second-and-long situations in full gear.
Wednesday: Red Zone, third down work.
Thursday: Two-minute drill, two-point conversions.
Friday: walk-though, substitution schedules

"The two things we are focusing on this week are the identity of our team, and our team continuing to make improvement," Saban said.

As far as getting ready for Western Carolina's no-huddle offense, he said, "I think the scout team is doing a fantastic job. That takes the defense out of their routine. Getting used to (the no-huddle) is an important step."

One part of Saban's game-day routine is the wearing of the standard Nike coach's polo, and not the suit and tie fans saw at A-day.

Two Tide players dropped by after Saban was finished. Jack linebacker Keith Saunders said the team is confident Washington can do the job at defensive tackle, but it would have been nice to have both he and Motley available.

"It's a tough loss for us," he said. "Motley's been doing a great job. (Washington) came back strong. I feel like he's going to help us out a lot."

Washington did not take part in spring contact work due to recovering from an injury.

New starting kicker Leigh Tiffin said he's adapted nicely to the new coaching staff.

"Its given me more incentive to work hard and try to do things right," said the sophomore from Florence. "I've been working on technique things."

Tiffin was running ahead of injured former starter Jamie Christensen before the senior's quad injury. The Tide has two more days of preparation before Saturday's 6:07, pay-per-view kickoff against the Catamounts.

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