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After the close loss to Georgia, Tide Head Coach Dennis Franchione commented on the night's game. <br><br>"It was a tough hard-fought game. Our players played with a lot of heart and determination.

"We've lost two tough games to teams in the top six and we've taken them down to the wire. There were a lot of big plays. "

"Charlie Peprah made a big play in the fourth quarter to give us a chance to win the ball game."

"We never got in rhythm offensively. And they kept us off-balance with their great running game."

"(Michael) Ziifle was great. He would have been the MVP if we would have won. Brodie (Croyle) played well and showed a lot of toughness. We just put him in a tough situation that he hadn't been in yet."

"You never take consolation in losing, penalties are a concern for us but the open week comes at a good time for us."

"Shaud (Williams) is a play maker. He's earned the coaches trust with his outstanding playmaking ability. He's not the only one that makes plays but he always seems to be making them at the right time and I'm glad he's on our team."

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Tailback, Shaud Williams: "It hurts. One or two more plays and we could be sitting at 5-1 right now. We've got to see how strong we are and how we respond to a tough loss like this."

"We need a week off to let some people heal. We've got some people banged up right now and they will have some time to rest. We've got some tough games ahead of us and we've got to have everybody ready to play."

Quarterback, Brodie Croyle: "Too many missed opportunities. We had our chance and they had theirs. They took care of it in the end. They had a good plan."

On his TD pass: "Dre (Fulgham) was one on one and not too many people can cover him one on one. We got some points before the half."

On his TD run: "I couldn't get by the defender. It was my last option (to go over top) and luckily it worked out for me."

Defensive end, Nautyn McKay-Loescher: "They won it at the end. They made some key plays and we didn't capitalize on our opportunities. They came out and tried to establish the run. All hats off to them, we played a real good team."

"We've got a long time to re-group and prepare for another big one. Ole Miss just beat a top team. We've got a big-time schedule coming up."

Cornerback, Charlie Peprah: "It was a tough loss. Everybody played their hearts out. Everyone fought their tails off. A couple of plays didn't go our way. A lot of plays can determine where we are at. We've got two weeks to prepare for Ole Miss and get our legs back. This is the SEC and every game is a battle. Anything can happen. Florida lost to Ole Miss. Every game is a battle. This is a tough loss."

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

(on the win) "Well let's fact it, it was huge. We're really battling for this Southeastern Conference Championship. Winning here was big. I am proud to be a part of this victory."

"We just executed a little bit better (this week). Bennett had the kick when we had to have it. We had our share of mishaps too. The defense had some ups and downs but they made the plays to win the ballgame."

"I think their Brodie Croyle played a great game. They are a tremendous football team."

"Overall we did a good job (of stopping the run off the option)."

(on Musa Smith) "He played great. He would've run for even more yards if he didn't start cramping up."

(on penalties) "There were a couple that really hurt us. In a hard fought game there are going to be some penalties. You've got to cut down on those."

"I think everybody was tired. I could see fatigue on their side also." (on preparing his team for Tennessee) "I think these guys will be ready for Tennessee. These guys are tough and resilient."

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#30 Billy Bennett, PK: "We played a great game. I am glad the guys blocked. The snap was there.They asked me which hash and I just said kick it from the middle I guess. I didn't like to stand on the field too long. The quicker you do it, the better it is."

"They said we have not been 5-0 since '82. That was our goal especially for this game. I think this will carry us for awhile."

#47 David Pollack, DE: "We are man enough. We knew that. We played responsible football. You have got to take care of your gap and play disciplined defense." (On 2-point conversion stop)- "They ran the speed option to the right and he cut it back. Thankfully we were able to stop him."

"They went away from a lot of their tendencies. In the running game their main play is the sprint draw and they didn't run it much."

(On blocked field goal)- "I just fired in there and got a hand on it somehow. I came through the middle and it hit me."

# 8 Terrence Edwards, FLK: "You've got to give them credit, they played hard. We just made the plays we have been making all year. It's a big win. With Florida losing today we stand alone in the East. We control our own destiny."

"We have so much confidence we knew Billy was going to make that kick. The offense did a great job of putting him in the position to do so. We were balanced today. If we can carry that over the rest of the season we will be hard to beat."

#14 David Greene, QB: "It's great. I can't tell you how good it is. It feels like the win in Knoxville last year. People counted us out and we stuck together and won."

"The line was solid all night long. We had a lot of success in the running game. I knew they could I had confidence in them. I knew we had a great offensive line and they showed it today."

"Billy has been so clutch for us ever since he has been here. We have total confidence in him. We drained the clock and set it up in the middle of the field and Billy just drained it."

"Our football team is like a family. Nobody points fingers. We never feel we are out of a game. It took every phase of our football team today and we did just enough to win. We have to keep going because we have a tough game next week."

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