Film Study Sessions Tough Despite Victory

Coach Nick Saban and his staff are not about to let No. 16' Alabama's players rest on the laurels earned by a thrilling comeback win over Arkansas. Au contraire.

"It didn't sound like we won, but we did," said a stoic Simeon Castille shortly after a film session. "It was just showing us what was there, and what needs to be fixed."

"Coach Saban stresses the small things. From watching the film, every run they broke, it was from one guy not being in the right spot, two guys maybe not moving over and being in the right spot. It was just small things. Coach Saban stresses those small things."

"He really believes not taking care of the little things off the field will affect you on the field. I see what he's saying. You train your mind to pay attention to the little things, and if you do that all the time then on the football field you will remember to move over when you are supposed to. It all ties together."

"There were a lot of things that could have prevented them from getting 38 points and coming back and getting into the ball game. We just need to work on those things and get better."

"We did some very good things. We had some ups and downs," said quarterback John Parker Wilson. "We just have to get rid of the downs and learn from them. We made some pretty big plays and got better on offense."

"You always play the next play, the next game," said Tuscaloosa's newest hero, senior receiver Matt Caddell. "You can't really live in the past; you have to live for the next play and then the next game."

"Right now we're just focusing on Georgia and getting ready to play them. We just want to move the ball, and get into the end zone. Whether we have to run the ball or pass the ball, we want to give the punt team a lot of rest."

All the Tiders agree there is no drop in the competition level this week when the Georgia Bulldogs of coach Mark Richt come calling at 6:30 on ESPN.

"What I do know is they have a running back that's very good," noted Castille. "He runs the heck out of the football. I've seen (receiver) Sean Bailey. I know he has good speed. (Thomas Brown) is very good at returning punts, I know that. He can run. I know they like to throw it up top. They like deep balls. Their running back (Knowshon Moreno) really impressed me."

"I think it's a must (win) for us this week," said Wilson. "Georgia is a good team, and I think everybody knows that. The more we hang on this (Arkansas) win, the worse it's going to be on our team. We just have to get over it and go to practice today and get ready for Georgia."

"It's still early. That's the way we look at it. It's only the third game, and we have a lot of football left. We can't get too enamored with this win. We can't get too caught up. We have to get ready for Georgia. As cliché as this is, we can't hang on this win."

Castille and his teammates are excited that ESPN is bringing its Game Day crew to Tuscaloosa.

"It's going to be packed out in Tuscaloosa once again," said the senior, who added that he's got a special incentive: "I've never played Georgia. It's going to be fun."

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