John Parker Wilson Comments On Game

There's not much percentage in disagreeing with your head coach, and Alaama quarterback John Parker Wilson seemed to agree with Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban's assessment that Wilson did a good job of managing the game in Oxford Saturday.

Alabama scored 10 points in the fourth quarter to defeat Ole Miss, 27-24, Saturday.

Crimson Tide quarterback John Parker Wilson said he thought Bama had some good plays called and that the protection did a good job in handling the Mississippi blitz package. And, like Coach Saban, Wilson thought he "managed the game well. We took care of the ball. I had one interception. Things like that happen. I thought the offense had a great attitude, a great mental state. They were making adjustments, and we were adjusting with them. They changed their blitz scheme and I thought we picked it up well."

While those in the stadium watched and waited to see the outcome of the re-play crew on Ole Miss' final play of the game, Wilson was at work. He said, "I was getting ready for them to kick a field goal and find out what we'd do in overtime. You can't sit back there and just let things happen. We got a call ready."

Wilson said he was pleased Alabama was able to come from behind. "We knew we had to have points on our last scoring drive," he said. "They the defense stepped up and got us a big stop."

Wilson said there was no frustration on the part of the offense. "We were moving the ball," he said. "The problem was in execution. We were stopping ourselves. The offense is designed to work. The biggest thing is with execution."

He said there was a sense that the game might be an offensive shootout. "Our thought was that we had to execute on every drive, score every chance. We (offense) can't worry about their offense."

Wilson said he was able to throw to the tight ends a few times. "It was open and they caught it," he said.

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