UA Provides Answers On 'Books' Situation

In light of the recent discovery of improprieties involving textbook disbursements to student-athletes, The University of Alabama Athletics Department is working in conjunction with University officials in conducting a thorough review of the procedures for distribution of textbooks to student-athletes.

The Internal Review

This internal review, which began in earnest on Friday morning and is ongoing, is a cooperative effort by The University of Alabama's Office of Financial Affairs and the Athletics Compliance Office, in coordination with the Athletics Department's Center of Athletic Student Services, and the University Supply Store.

There are several primary objectives of this inquiry:

*Provide a complete review of textbook disbursal for all scholarship student-athletes at The University of Alabama.

*Reconciliation of any discrepancies regarding textbooks disbursed and textbooks needed for scholarship student-athletes at UA.

*Provide clear and complete information regarding how textbooks are distributed to student-athletes.

*Determine if the current textbook distribution system failed, and strengthen those procedures so as to eliminate future problems of this nature.

Timeline for the Inquiry

Due to the large number of scholarship student-athletes at The University of Alabama, and the fact that an internal review covering textbook purchases is being conducted, it is unclear how soon the inquiry – or any part of the inquiry – will be completed. As was said in the original press release regarding the suspension of five football student-athletes, The University of Alabama will not comment further on the findings until the inquiry is completed.

The Process for Obtaining Textbooks for Scholarship Student-Athletes

Due to numerous media inquiries regarding the existing process for distributing textbooks to scholarship student-athletes, an outline of the current process is below.

*Student-athlete's name and campus-wide ID are sent to the book store.

*Student-athlete's class schedule is obtained through the registration system.

*Book store bags the textbooks for the student-athlete to pick up.

*Books are given to the student-athlete.

*Student-athlete reviews the contents with a book store employee.

*Student-athlete signs a form acknowledging receipt of the textbooks.

*If the student-athlete needs more books for any reason (class changes, etc.), the same process must be repeated.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

At this early stage of the inquiry, here are some questions and answers:

Has the length of the suspension for the five student-athletes been determined?

A definite length of suspension has not been determined at this time.

Will the five student-athletes not be allowed to practice with the team?

The student-athletes will be permitted to practice with the team throughout the term of their suspension.

Are student-athletes from other sports suspended?

No further suspensions have been determined at this time.

NCAA officials were on campus last week. Did their presence lead to this situation arising?

Last week, a group representing the NCAA's Committee on Athletics Certification visited our campus to review and verify UA's athletics certification self-study. That report, done every 10 years, is a thorough review of areas of governance and rules compliance, academic integrity, gender equity, and student-athlete well-being. Their presence on campus merely coincided with the events that took place.

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