Will Richard Continue His Reign of Terror?

For opposing teams, they wish for an over-throw to his rule of the court. Tide fans show loyalty for the status-quo. That status-quo will consist in handing out punishments in double-doubles.

Through the first two games of this new season, Richard Hendrix is averaging 25 points (25th in the nation), 18.5 rebounds (2nd in the nation), and 2.5 blocks (48th in the nation) per game. He is also 26th in the nation in field goal percentage at 76.9-percent with more shots taken and made than anyone in front of him.

The judgment for the next opposing team (Belmont) will be much the same as they have no match. Hendrix has proudly worn his new crown as team leader and does not look to relinquish it. With his continued success, Bama should have a satisfactory season in making the tourney.

As for Hendrix, he could add to his treasure by acquiring the title of SEC's Most Valuable Player. That claim could help him conquer the opportunity that would await him in the NBA.

Some people think Hendrix will not flourish in the NBA. Those same people refer to him as a tweener (not big enough for power forward; not quick enough for small forward).

I've got one name for them – Karl Malone! At 6-9 and 256 pounds (do those measurements sound familiar?); Malone is listed numerous times in the NBA record books while playing the power forward position.

Of course it helps to have a point guard to feed you the ball like John Stockton. With a trimmed down Hendrix, you now see better stamina, elevation, and quickness. Even though I would like for Richard to wear his crown as a senior. I know he will be well deserving of the riches in the NBA if he can continue his dominance.

Just as Hendrix may wear the crown passed on by Malone, Richard can pass his crown on, too.

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