Michael Williams Talks In-Depth of Visit

Michael Williams, Scout.com four-star defensive end from Reform-Pickens County, (Ala.), has returned from his official visit to Alabama. Williams talked of his position for the Tide and is excited about his future in Tuscaloosa.

"I had a real good visit this weekend," said Michael Williams from Reform, (Ala.). "It was good to hang out with everyone. We were all like a big family."

"We went to coach [Nick] Saban's house for breakfast on Sunday. I could not believe his house. That was really the most impressive part of my visit. It was huge."

"When I first got there on Friday I checked in at the hotel. We went to Chuck's downtown to eat dinner. It was a seafood place. After that I left and went straight to the American Christian vs. Leroy game. When the game ended I went back to the hotel and went to bed."

"Saturday we went over all the academic stuff. I talked to my academic advisor. We went to a basketball game. After the game we went and ate at The Zone. They showed us some highlights from the season."

"We went to the locker room and put on a jersey with our numbers on them. We walked through the tunnel to the field."

"We had a big dinner that night and went out with our player hosts. My host was Wallace Gilberry. Gilberry is crazy. He made me feel real comfortable. We got along real good. Everyone knows he is going in the draft, but he was like everyone else. He made sure everyone knew who I was."

"I saw Kareem Jackson, Lionel Mitchell and Price Hall. It was a good experience to see what college life is like. I hung out with all the other guys who were visiting as well. [John Michael] Boswell and I were together most of the time. Jermaine Preyear and I are pretty cool. We got closer. The kid out of Louisiana [Tyler Edwards] was cool."

"This morning we went to coach Saban's house. We had a big breakfast. He has a big mansion on the lake. He had chef there making us whatever we wanted."

"I was in a go cart with coach Saban riding through the woods. That was cool. After that we came back to the facilities, and I talked one-on-one with coach Saban for a while."

"We talked about my character as a person. Coach Saban said I was the type of person they want. He loves my ability. I got the picture I may be playing tight end at Alabama."

"I spent most of my day Saturday with coach [Ron] Middleton, the tight ends and special teams coach. We met with our position coaches, and I met with him."

"I know Alabama will have two seniors, and I hope to fight for the third string spot. Coach Middleton said he would like to have people playing special teams he can trust, and if he can't trust his tight ends who can he trust. I might be playing a lot of special teams."

"I understand only a handful of freshmen get to play. It's going to be a learning experience for me. I am looking forward to fight for the third string tight end position. Then in 2009 I will be coming out of the tunnel starting for Alabama."

"I have a real good relationship with coach Middleton. I know coach [Joe] Pendry more, but coach Middleton is the one I know the second most. Every time I see him we always talk. We get along real good."

Williams has not decided if another official visit is on the horizon when asked, "I have not decided yet," he said. "If I do take a visit it will be to Georgia Tech. The only reason I will visit is out of respect. They recruited me after I committed to Alabama, and it showed how much they wanted me."

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