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Tide Head Coach Dennis Franchione began his post-game comments by praising senior punter Lane Bearden. <br><br>"Let me say this first. In 30 years, I've never seen a young man go out and play without an anterior cruciate ligament.

"If Lane Bearden isn't the (SEC) special teams player of the week then I don't know why the award exists. After what he did today--great performance, 40 yard average. "

Beard's performance: "Great game for Santonio Beard; a breakout game for him. We knew he had it in him."

Offensive balance: "I was really pleased with the balance in our offense, just about even-- 234 rushing, 222 passing."

Defensive play: "You have to tip your hat to the defense today--a stop inside the five, a stop inside the 15."

Team's intensity: "Our coaching staff challenged our football team on our open week. We talked a lot about what happened to teams and how they had come back after open week and we challenged them in areas in which we felt like we could improve and we did improve in a lot of those areas. It makes you feel good as a coach when your players respond well in your time off."

When asked if game plan changed when Brodie Croyle came in For Tyler Watts. "Not really. The game plan was a good one that fit both of them. We had confidence in both of them."

"The offensive coaches had a good plan. The guys executed it very well. Brodie did what he was asked to do today. He came out and did what he needed to do. This was not a game that had to be carried on his shoulders."

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CB, Gerald Dixon:
On his interception: "Kindal Moorehead had great pressure on Eli (Manning). He hit him and he kind of threw a duck but I went and got it."
"We wanted to confuse him (Manning), make him see what we wanted him to see. The guys up front had great pressure all night."
"It's always motivation to play against a guy like Eli Manning. You've got to come out and put on your best performance. That's what our defense tried to do today."

TB, Santonio Beard: "It was a great game. Two weeks ago we came out against Georgia. We didn't get to run the ball well so everybody wanted to come out and run the ball. The offensive line-you can't say enough about them. They opened holes. All I had to beat was one guy. Made him miss and I scored touchdowns. They deserve a lot of the credit. They did an outstanding job up front. They got the job done. They made a lot of big holes."
On his five touchdowns: "Wow. I'm not even believing it. I think once I get home and watch this game or see it on ESPN I'll probably believe it then. The offensive line, Greg, my fullback, the tight end, they did a great job, too. I'm still in shock."

QB, Brodie Croyle: On touchdown to Fulgham: "They were really just giving us that route tonight. That isn't really one of our primary routes all the time but we put it in this week and Dre (Fulgham), he's a big strong guy when he catches it. A lot of people are going to miss him. Luckily they missed him and he took it to the house."

DE, Kindal Moorehead: "We came out last week (Georgia game) and didn't play like we were supposed to play. We knew we had one of the top quarterbacks in the country coming in. We knew if we didn't control the line of scrimmage and stop the run and put pressure on him it was going to be a long day."
"Last year when we played them we were up in the fourth quarter and we let it slip away from us. That game has been on our minds for a whole year, and we knew we had to come out and play big. It was a game that the whole team wanted, the coaches wanted and we had to get it."

Ole Miss Head Coach David Cutcliffe

"On a day that we needed to be at our best we were at our worst. Alabama played a great game. They are an outstanding football team."
"Obviously I needed to have this team better prepared than they were. We didn't do a good job of protecting him (Eli Manning) and giving him the opportunity to do the things he needed to do."
"It was obvious that we did not tackle well or block well, some of the fundamental things you have to do and when you don't do those things, you can't be successful."
"Field position is something we've got to take care of. If you execute well, you can change field position."
"We were really fortunate that the score was what it was and not worse."
"It's just a matter of going back and looking at everything we're doing and trying to find what it is we need to do better."
"I think they're the best team we've played to this point. I don't think there's any question about that."

Ole Miss Player Quotes

#10 Eli Manning, QB-
"They are a good team. Their front four is real good. They played great defense and had a good defensive plan."
"It wasn't really adjustments, they were just playing better than us. We didn't get the ball out of my hands quick enough. The pressure always makes it tough to throw. They played cover-two and zone and when they play that you need time."
"It is not fun coming out and losing. It makes it worse when the score gets like that."
"They are probably the best team we have played so far. They are a good team and showed it today."

#11 Mike Espy, WR-
"They disguised their defense really well. I praise Alabama, they did a good job."
"I think this is going to make us a lot better. We are going to practice harder than we have been and we are gonna get a lot better."
"We had a lot of good pass plays called. They were just in the right place at the right time."

#51 Justin Wade, LB-
"You have got to give them credit. They ran it up the gut a couple of times and threw good passes."
"They played like they were ready for it. They played well and were very physical. We still have a lot to play for. We have some SEC games left and we just have got to keep going."
"We need to come back and go to practice on Monday and get ready to go. We have to have a work type attitude."

#55 Ben Claxton, C-
"We knew coming in they would be good, we were not surprised. They basically are the same guys we faced last year."
"If Eli has time, he is going to make plays. We just did not give him enough time. The pressure got to him. He can't rely on anyone but us."
"It is tough to take a lot from this game. Obviously, we have to go back and get physical. We can't let this get to us and I don't think it will. We have played good defense before because Florida had a good defense."
(On the running game)- "The offensive line is an attitude. I don't know if we have that attitude. We have the talent to do it, we just haven't showed up yet."

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