"God has blessed him with a lot of talent."

Tyler Love has signed and faxed his letter of intent to the University of Alabama. Love and his coach give Scout.com a signing day story.

Tyler Love
6-8, 285, OL
Mountain Brook (Mountain Brook)
Scout.com five-star recruit

Why Alabama?: "The University of Alabama is not just a great place to play football, it's a great place to earn a degree. I chose Alabama because it bleeds tradition, and there is no other place like it," Love said.

On Coach Nick Saban as a recruiter: "I think coach Saban is a great recruiter because he does not sugar coat anything, which is important to a lot of recruits."

Coach Chris Yeager: "Gosh, Tyler's just a very gifted athlete. God has blessed him with a lot of talent, but he's done a great job in developing the talent. He's done a great job while he's been here to reach his maximum potential. I just feel like he's going to continue to do that, and that's what is going to separate him from most players."

"He's got a lot of upside to grow. In college he'll put on 40-50 pounds. He's at 285 now. He'll end up being a 330-335-340, and you will be able to tell a whole bunch of difference before he really starts looking like an offensive lineman. He looks almost like a basketball player right now." (laugh)

"His character is impeccable, but he is fairly quiet. He's very respectful and very humble too, which to me, says more than anything. I remember last year when he first started getting offers from all over the country, he was really surprised. I remember him saying 'coach I just can't believe this.' He is just a real humble young man."

"I would have been shocked if he had gone anywhere other than Alabama. I just think he wanted to go look at other places just to make sure, but I believe he's probably always been an Alabama fan since I've known him."

"I think that was the biggest thing, but he's got friends down there. William Vlachos is down there, and that will help too. He's got family here close, and so that will be easy for family to come watch him play and that kind of thing."

"The thing that I think they [Alabama] will be getting will be a person that is going to have a wonderful athletic career. I think the most important thing is they are going to get a person that is never going to embarrass the program. He will always be a great ambassador for Alabama football, and from now on for the rest of his life."

"They aren't getting a player for four years. They are getting something way, way more valuable than that. I mean 20 years from now, Alabama will be benefiting from Tyler Love. You can just bank on that."

"I think it's always great to have a redshirt year. It depends on what their needs are. I think he's got the ability to [play as a freshman]. I really do. He was in the [Under Armour] All-Star game, and I got to coach him in the game down in Orlando. I got to see him with other lineman and just because he's so coachable, he's so polished."

"With Coach [Joe] Pendry he is going to have a great offensive line coach, so he's going to be so far ahead of guys because he has been coachable. He's played against great opponents. To me it all depends on what the needs are down there."

"He played on [Daquan] Bowers [All-Star game], and it was a give and take thing. It was a back and forth kind of thing. I just enjoyed watching those two guys. I think Bowers is ranked No.1 in the country, or he should be."

"Bowers had some success, and Tyler had success. To me it was real comparable to what a college game is like. You know you're not going to win every play in a college game because those guys are good over there too, but Tyler got to see the speed of the game. It's a jump up. The quality is hard to believe. He'll adjust fine though. He's a sharp kid."

Bio: As a senior, Love was named All-State and ASWA Super 12. He was named to the Tampa Tribune's Best of the South Team, Orlando Sentinel Alabama OL of the Year, Class 6A Lineman of the Year ASWA, Press Register Elite 18, and was No. 31 on Press Register Super Southeast 120. The Birmingham News honored Love with Super All-Metro OL (AISA, 1A-6A combined first team), Parade Magazine All-American 2007 OL, AJC Super Southern 100 OL.

Analysis: Love has great size as an offensive tackle with great punch, and he locks down defensive rushers very quickly when he gets inside their body. He's aggressive off the ball and keeps his head on a swivel looking for a pancake and finds them early and often. Love moves well when pulling and agile enough to keep faster players from simply running by him on the roll. He is great in pass pro and bends very well at the knees and has a natural bend at the hip.

ScoutSouth.com's Rebecca Johnston contributed to this report.

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