"I just like everything about Alabama."

Courtney Upshaw has signed and faxed his letter of intent to the University of Alabama. Upshaw and his coach give Scout.com a signing day story.

Courtney Upshaw
6-3, 240, DE/TE
Eufaula (Eufaula) Part of the winningest graduating class in Eufaula's history 34-5 over the last three years.
Scout.com four-star recruit

Why Alabama?: "I just like everything about Alabama. I really like coach Saban and coach Smart. I like everyone at the school and the fans. I just love the school in general," Upshaw said.

On Coach Nick Saban as a recruiter: "To me, coach Saban seems quiet. I know once he gets on the field he will be on you."

2007 Awards: ASWA First Team All-State DL, Press Register Elite 18, Under Armour All-Star Game Orlando, Press Register Super Southeast 120 at #35, ScoutSouth.com Stars of Alabama, Orlando Sentinel All-Southern Team Alabama DE, AJC Super Southern 100 DE, Alabama Mississippi All-Star Game.

Coach Dan Klages: "He's made it easy as far as being a superstar-type player and not requiring any extra special attention. We haven't had to treat him any differently than anybody else. Not that we would anyway. He's just one of the guys."

"The recruiting was not a distraction to any of these other players, in fact I think they kind of enjoyed the extra attention too. Maybe some of them have gotten a look or two from colleges because of Courtney being here. I think they are mature enough to realize that too. What's good for one is good for the rest of us."

"He is the highest recruited player I've ever coached. It's been kind of a new experience for me too."

"I don't really look forward to him not being out their next year. He really burst onto the scenes in '06. He was not a returning player from the year before or anything he just came out and slowly got better and better."

"I was proud of the way he played in the (Under Armour Orlando) All-Star game too. I think he played every defensive snap for the Red team."

"I think if he continues to be the same player that he is now and continue to work hard. I've told him that 'You've got certain physical skills that will help you be the player that you are. What makes you Courtney Upshaw is the fact that you play so intensely. Not many people can match the effort and intensity that you play with, and it doesn't matter whether the ball was coming at you or whether it's a pass or a run. If the ball is run back up inside or even to the other side of the field, you are going to give the same effort to get to the football and there are not many kids that will do that. If you ever stop doing that you may lose your real magic."

"If he does that, I think he is a good enough player where he will be able to rise to the occasion. I mean he's intelligent, and he can learn. They may play him more off the ball at linebacker. I think he will be able to handle that. It will be different, but I think he will make the adjustment."

"He's a tough kid. Obviously playing both ways in the league we're in there's several times, practice games and he was banged up. I don't even remember him even coming to the training room for two years. He's a tough kid. I think that will serve him well on the next level. That's going to be a prerequisite."

"He's 6-2.5, 230. He may grow into a Wallace Gilberry-type body."

Bio: Upshaw committed to Alabama before his senior season and looks to play linebacker for the Tide, specifically the hybrid Jack position. He had 45 solo tackles, 20 assists playing defensive end in a 4-3 defense during his senior season. Upshaw made 13 tackles for a loss, seven sacks, three fumble recoveries, six fumble recoveries with two returned for touchdowns. Offensively, the highly-decorated prep star had 20 receptions for 296 yards and three touchdowns.

2007 Awards: ASWA first team All-State defensive lineman, Press Register Elite 18, Under Armour All-Star Game Orlando, Press Register Super Southeast 120 at No.35, ScoutSouth.com Stars of Alabama, Orlando Sentinel All-Southern Team Alabama defensive end, AJC Super Southern 100 defensive end, Alabama Mississippi All-Star game.

Analysis: Upshaw should develop into an elite college football player. He began playing football as a junior and has been a star ever since. He has a great work ethic, incredible quickness and strength. He should make an impact in his first season in Tuscaloosa.

ScoutSouth.com's Rebecca Johnston contributed to this report.

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