"Alabama is getting a good one."

Michael Williams has signed and faxed his letter of intent to the University of Alabama. Williams and his coach give Scout.com a signing day story.

Michael Williams
6-6, 270, TE/DE
Pickens County (Reform)
Scout.com four-star recruit

Why Alabama?: "When you grow up and go to 'Bama games it just stuck with me. When I received the offer I knew that was where I wanted to go."

On Coach Nick Saban as a recruiter: "He said he was going to take over Alabama. He has done that. Once we get everything rolling Alabama will be back on top."

Coach Russ Wallace, Offensive Coordinator: "I tell you he's a good a kid as you'd ever want to be around. He's been raised right. His mother's done a real good job with him. He's a very respectful young man."

"He's smart. I think he made a 20 on his ACT on the first try. He's got around a 3.0 GPA."

"He's been our backbone on offense and defense for three years now. He played tight end for us and defensive end. Alabama is getting a good one, no doubt about that."

"He's grown up being an Alabama fan. I think he's been an Alabama fan and started talking about going there when he was in eighth or ninth grade."

"He's had several schools come around and pique his interest and stuff like that. I think that's why he went on ahead and committed early. He just didn't want to fool with it. He knew where he wanted to go, and he's just always been a lifelong Alabama fan. I think it just kind of made his decision pretty easy."

"I think Alabama is going to get a kid that is going to be a leader on and off the field. His character is unquestionable. He's the type of kid you want in your program. He will be a positive influence and role model for young kids, and be a positive influence on guys that are there."

"I think they are going to have an All-SEC type of a player no matter what side of the ball they play him on. Right now I think they are looking at him maybe as a tight end. I think he's got the potential and the attitude that he may walk out of there as one of the greatest tight ends that ever played there. I honestly believe that."

"He's going to work hard, and he's going to do what the coaches tell him to do. They are not going to have to worry about whether he's in any trouble on the weekends or anything like that."

"He's going to make sure he's got his grades because I think he knows his mother will come down there and whoop his tail if he didn't, and I'd probably be right behind her."

"Great hands [biggest strengths]. From a tight end standpoint, from the offensive side of the ball he's got great hands. He's like a wide receiver. He can go up as high as he needs to go to catch a ball with his hands."

"He's made some one-handed catches. He's made some catches where the ball has been tipped up, and he's followed it all the way down to the ground and made the catch."

"For a guy that is 6-6, and he's up to 270 now, a guy that is that big to have the hands, and the touch, and the feel that he's got you don't see that all the time. I think another thing that makes him exceptional on the offensive side of the ball is that he can move."

"He's not a running back, but he's not just one of these big guys that catches it, turns it up field 10 yards until two or three can pile on and tackle him. He can catch the ball and run up field, and he can break a defender down and make a move too. When you watch somebody that big do that, it's pretty impressive."

"They [tight ends] catch the ball. They just kind of turn north and how many other yards they get they get until they drag him down. This kid can make somebody miss and when you see someone that big that can move like that and do the things he can do on the football field, it's special."

"We ran him on three or four reverses this year. He took one reverse 80+ yards for a touchdown. He's a unique individual, and again, they are not going to get a finer individual. They aren't going to get a better kid."

"He's going to experience some tough times over there because it's a different level. He's going to have to adjust, but I don't think it would take him long to adjust at all."

"The reason why is because every since mid-year of his junior year he really got focused that's what he wants. I want to go to Alabama. That's where I'm going to go play, and he started hitting the weight room."

"I mean he's put on 25-30 pounds of muscle in a year and a half. So they are already going to get a kid to come in there physically ready to play at that level."

"Not just a big kid, they are getting a kid that is going to be physically ready to play at that level. If they decide to play him on the defensive side of the field he's so quick with his feet. That goes back to his offensive skills. That applies to the defensive side of the ball as well."

"He's so quick with his feet, and he's so big, and he's got such leverage. He's going to be an animal to have to block one-on-one for a tackle, so I think either side of the ball they play him on they are going to get something special."

"His defensive stats are with people running away from him. Again we played 12 games, and we went 9-3 and five of those games out of 12 he played a half and the rest of the time people run away from him. They weren't going to come at him. They weren't too dumb on that part of it."

"Stats may not add up to other kids, but until you see him on the field and see what teams did to get away from him. They doubled, tripled him. He got doubled and triple teamed all year long. He even got chopped a few times illegally, but it never got called."

"Another reason he doesn't have bigger receiving numbers is we had to use him as a glorified tackle. Most of his bigger numbers came in our big games because we didn't have to use him in the five games with big leads."

"We tried to use him in a different way in those games, and that's when we used the reverses. We tried to use him in different ways, so we weren't trying to pad his stats or embarrass a team."

"With Michael and Drec [Madrecas Hood] you just kind of shared that a little bit. People focused on them, and people doubled them and everything else. That's what made our running game and everything else good too. We didn't have to use them all the time, but in clutch situations and big games and when we needed points that's who we went to, and they came up big for us."

Bio: Once again awarded first team All-State by the ASWA for his senior year's play. He was also named 2A Lineman of the Year, The Tuscaloosa News West Alabama All-Star, Press Register Elite 18, Press Register Super Southeast 120.

Williams had 12 receptions for over 400 yards and five touchdowns. The fleet-footed Williams also ran two reverses for the Tornadoes and scored an 82-yard touchdown run on one and the other resulted in a big gain. Overall he ran the ball five times for 243 yards and two touchdowns. Defensively, Williams had 63 tackles and 14 sacks.

Analysis: Williams is extremely athletic and has the potential to become one of the best overall prospects in the class. He needs to improve his tenacity and strength. He will get his first look at the tight end position upon arriving in Tuscaloosa.

ScoutSouth.com's Rebecca Johnston contributed to this report.

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