"I think the sky is the limit."

Glenn Harbin has signed and faxed his letter of intent to the University of Alabama. Mc-Gill Toolen's Keith Powell shares insights of the Tide signee.

Glenn Harbin
6-6, 252-pounds
defensive lineman
McGill-Toolen (Mobile)
Scout.com three-star recruit

Coach Keith Powell: "Glenn has been a pleasure. He's such a high character young man. I've been with him for a little over three years, and I can't remember a time that we ever had to check on any of his dealings because of his behavior or not going to class. He's just been a dream. I wish they were all like that."

"It's like he told me ‘Coach, I really liked Alabama all along. It's a home school and their tradition'.

"Coach Saban and the staff that he's put together sold him immediately. He went up two or three times during the year to games, but he said the big factor was being able to play where his parents could see him and his friends."

"He wanted to visit other schools to have something to compare Alabama to, but he said after going around that Alabama has got as much or more to offer than any other school that I've visited and that's what he based it on."

"He told me during the whole process that he probably would not make the decision early and he held to it."

"At first, he told me it would be a signing day decision, but he kept pretty close to it. He said it was just getting a little bit hectic at the end and he felt like that was the right place for him, so he wanted to go ahead and get it over with."

"First off he's so intelligent that he studies the game of football, and he will only get better. He's only played on the defensive line for two years."

"When we came to this school three to four years ago he was a wide receiver. We moved him over to the defensive line, so he's still learning the techniques of that position and actually getting into the weight room and growing into that position."

"Obviously his size is going to be an asset to him as he is going to get even bigger. He's one of the few kids I've ever seen in high school that could actually gain weight from playing basketball, and he's done that."

"Since football he was at 240 when he finished, and he's up to 252 now. He's stayed in the weight room, and he's been very dedicated to that."

"He'll go in and play baseball when he gets through with basketball season. He's able to play three sports and maintain academics. His work habits are very important, and he maintains that. He's just been a dream to work with."

"I think the sky is the limit. Athletically, he's got a lot of tools to work with. For a kid his size, he can really run. He's got that long stride being 6-6."

"His wingspan is unbelievable. In high school I don't know how many balls he knocked down. He does a good job of containing the sprint-out-passes and the runs."

"He's probably got to get a little more physical to play the game at the next level, but he will do that when he gets a little bit bigger and stronger."

"I can see him going 6-6, 6-7, and weighing 285-290. There's a young man that played at Alabama a few years ago that is with the Tennessee Titans named Antwan Odom, and he reminds me so much of him from watching Antwan in high school. They are almost carbon copies physically of each other. Glenn may be a little bit taller than Antwan."

Bio: The defensive lineman had 59 tackles and eight sacks during his senior season. He was named Press-Register Elite 18, ASWA honorable mention defensive lineman, Press Register Super Southeast 120, Offense Defensive All-American Game participant in Miami and ScoutSouth.com Stars of Alabama.

Harbin also plays right field for his baseball team and pitches batting .350 with 32 rbi's, two homeruns, and 10 stolen bases. He also plays basketball for the Yellow Jackets.

Analysis: Harbin has a huge frame and projects as a dominating defensive lineman. He has all the tools to play on Sundays and will benefit from Alabama's strength and conditioning program. He has quickness and needs to improve his burst off the line of scrimmage for the college level.

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