Luther Davis intends to return to UA

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Chris Sherman spoke with Luther Davis. Davis, who was announced this week as missing spring practice for "personal reasons," has naturally been the topic of some discussion. He is a 6-4, 275-pound defensive end who would be a sophomore next season. He is from West Monroe, La. Davis is unhappy with some published reports regarding his situation.

Here is Chris Sherman's report after speaking with Alabama defensive end Luther Davis:

Enough is enough! It appears that some media outlets and especially certain Alabama beat reporters have lost all professionalism in reporting the news. A news beat writer "reported" this week that embattled Alabama freshman Luther Davis was married, neither one of his brothers finished their eligibility or graduated college and basically implied that Davis had some character flaws.

There is only one problem with all of that. It is not true! All it took was just a little bit of actual reporting to figure any of this out.

In the business you cannot just go on unsubstantiated rumors. Sometimes the truth is just a phone call away.

In June of 2007, the News-Star in Monroe, La., printed that Luther Davis and Olivia Faith Dotray had gotten married. The following week, the paper offered a correction saying that was not the case. This was verified today by the News-Star.

"Last summer my girlfriend and I got engaged and it was in the local newspaper as married and like a week later it came back out in the news paper as a misprint that I am engaged," Luther Davis said.

"I don't plan on getting married until after the summer I graduate college. The whole reason we even got engaged is because she, my fiancée was leaving for Iraq."

"She's in the army. I have it on my facebook that I am married to keep other girls from coming on to me because when I had engaged on facebook that didn't seem to help much," Davis said.

First I have to ask what does it matter if Davis is married or not? Does that somehow flaw his character? No. But Davis wanted to make sure people knew the truth about him. As for as his brothers, Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News printed this in his article earlier this week.

"From what I can gather from various conversations with people who know him, Davis is an extremely complicated person with a complicated upbringing. (Did you know he's married, for instance?) In fact, his two brothers also received college scholarships to play football, yet neither finished his eligibility, nor graduated. Will Luther follow suit? That's not clear."

Once again, that is full of inaccuracies. Yes, one of his brothers has not graduated, but he will graduate this August. The other has finished school and earned his degree.

"As for my two brothers, they both did finish their eligibility, and one has his degree while the other is graduating in August. Like I said, Shows hates Alabama, and the fact that I came here and he'll take every chance he gets to say something negative."

It has been a bumpy ride for the 6-4, 275 pound defensive lineman from West Monroe (La.) High School. He was ridiculed in high school for changing his commitment from LSU to Alabama and unfortunately he continues to be misunderstood.

"I am not and did not quit this football team. I'll be back for summer workouts. This is just something I'm dealing with that's temporary and I hope it doesn't turn into something long term. But as for now, I'll be back for summer workouts," Davis said.

"I just want my name cleared of all these allegations. I just want to deal with my problems so that I can get back to what I do best and that's play ball. I'm not going anywhere," he added.

We all need to take a step back and give this young man time to fix whatever it is that is going on in his life. And yes folks, even though he is an Alabama football player, it is his life.

As for the reporter and the high school coach-shame on you!

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