Reamer Makes Move To Inside Linebacker

There's an old joke about the Army sergeant who had to break the news to one of his troops that his mother had died. He had the platoon in formation and ordered, "Everyone whose mother is alive take one step forward." Then, "Not so fast, Jones."

Cory Reamer showed up for his meeting with the outside linebackers before practice one day. As he went into the meeting room he was told, "Not so fast." Reamer was sent down to the inside linebackers meeting room.

"Your position can change day-to-day," Reamer said. "The coaches would consult you before moving you from defense to offense, but in my case it was just a matter of moving from one linebacker spot to another. I think I'm settled in at Will, but I thought I was settled in at Sam, too. It's nothing new to me. I've done both."

Reamer is a junior from Hoover who came to Alabama expecting to be a safety. He saw action as a freshman in 2005 before suffering a season-ending knee injury. He was redshirted in 2006 (although he played in the first two games). Last season he played in all 13 games, primarily on special teams.

The 6-4 Reamer has been adding weight and strength since arriving at Alabama as a 195-pounder.

Cory Reamer
Following practice earlier this week he said, "I've been drinking milkshakes since I got here. I came in at 195 and now I'm up to 230. Well, 225 after practice. I'd like to be at 235 when we report in August, but I don't think I need to gain any more than that. I've done a lot of work in the weight room and I'm stronger."

Alabama will return to Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday for the second scrimmage of spring practice. A week from Saturday the Tide will have its annual A-Day Game with kickoff at 2 p.m. CDT on April 12.

In the first scrimamge of the spring last Saturday, the defense dominated the offense.

Reamer said, "I think I'm doing good. Things are clicking for everyone. The leaders are stepping up. I think I did pretty well in the first scrimmage. Everyone had mental errors, but everyone made some plays, too. I had an interception and made some tackles."

Reamer understands the reason for experimenting with position changes in the spring.

"They are trying to find the best 22," he said. "If you have to move, you move. It's fine with me. If I can do better at one than the other, it helps the team."

Reamer is competing with Jimmy Johns at the inside linebacker spot.

"We've got a lot of guys who don't have a lot of experience at linebacker," Reamer said. "Rolando (Rolando McClain) is the only guy we've got who has started a game for Alabama at linebacker.

"Right now everyone is fighting for a job. Chavis Williams is doing a good job at Sam. Jimmy Johns is still learning, but he's doing a good job. We're all trying to help him.

"We're all competing. Everyone is fitting in and getting used to the calls."

Part of the responsibility at the weakside linebacker spot is to drop to the "Money" position in pass situations.

Reamer said, "Having been a safety, there are some of the same coverage responsibilities. Money is one of my favorites. You get a lot of work. Everyone is going to a spread (offense), so you have to be able to cover it."

"My first responsibility is for run and then pass -- either a man or drop into a zone. You have to be able to recognize the situation."

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