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Following his team's convincing win at home over Mississippi State, Tide Head Coach Dennis Franchione commented on the win. <br><br>"Those guys (Mississippi State) have good athletes. We knew this was going to be a hard nose football game coming into it. (Jackie) Sherrill had them ready to play."

"We had way too many penalties today. We know we have to deal with that and correct it as best as we can."

"In the second half the defense came out and shut them out. They played well."

"Lane (Bearden) came up big at the end of the game when we really needed him."

When asked about Bearden's knee "I'm always concerned with Lane Bearden."

"Tyler Watts has played some gritty, hard-nosed football since I have been here. I don't know if this was his best game, but it was right up there. He made some great throws today. He played the way a fifth year senior should play."

"Triandos Luke is a very capable player. He has made some big plays in the past two games. He's stepping up and making plays when we need him."

"You have to respect and admire Hirchel Bolden for continuing to fight."

"We did some things we shouldn't have done. The defense felt like they could have played better."

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Quarterback, Tyler Watts: "We came out good, we were playing smart. We played smart all day long. We didn't make any costly mistakes as far as turnovers, which is always a positive. You always have a chance to win when you're not turning the ball over. We hurt ourselves several times with penalties. That's something we need to work on. We are picking up first downs and they are getting called back."

"Our defense gave us a boost in the second half. "

Defensive End, Antwan Odom: "We were down a little bit in the first half but we came in the second half and played like we were supposed to play. Mississippi State's line was real physical. They were big. They were averaging three (300 pounds) on the offensive line. They're big."

"In the second half we took control of the game. We dominated like we are supposed to. And that was a big part of the second half, shutting their offense down."

Cornerback, Hirchel Bolden: "It was really one of my better games. I was going out there to play. I had a dream about it (the interception). I kept telling everybody that I picked off the ball but nobody wanted to believe it. I told my defensive coach I had a dream about picking the ball off. I just played within myself and I had a great day."

On play of the secondary: "We are all playing on the same page right now. We go out, we communicate, and if something does happen, we all go on the sideline and get the problem fixed. We all believe in each other. When one person gets down, we all bring him back up. I had a down time earlier this year. I kept on fighting through it and waited for my time."

MSU Head Coach Jackie Sherrill

"Alabama is a very good football team. They're very good up front and defensively. They've got a lot of speed in their defense, linebackers and secondary. Offensively they make you play the whole field. I would say were they are not the Alabama team of the past is in the kicking game."

"They're not as good in the kicking game as they are offensively or defensively."

"It was really probably an offensive game the first half. Each team just took the ball downfield 80 yards, 79 yards. Each team ran an awful lot of plays."

"What you did today, the good thing is the players played hard and never gave up and that is probably the most productive thing (MSU did today)."

"I think we certainly improved in the kicking game. I thought we improved defensively in certain things. I thought the offensive line played well at times."

On adjustments made at halftime: "We made a lot of adjustments on being able to stop the option. However we didn't execute and we didn't throw and catch. They fought really hard. Certainly you don't like to get beat. When you play like this you have a lot to be proud of and be thankful for."

"You've got to give their punter (Lane Bearden) a lot of credit. You've got to question, with a torn ACL, how much more do you want to do to it."

Mississippi State Player Quotes

#3, TB Dontae Walker: "We came out playing and we were not gonna let down. We have gotta finish the game. The offense will play good one half and the defense will play good one half. We just can't put the two together."

"That is the best defense we have played yet. We give Alabama all the credit. They will have some guys playing on Sundays."

#18, FS, Brett Morgan: "We knew what they would bring coming into the game. They would run a lot of wheel routes and the option."

(On the upcoming Tennessee game)- "I know they are a physical team. We need to get a full week of practice in to get ready. We know they will run the ball and if the quarterback is healthy he will give us some trouble."

"It hurts. We weren't really thinking about a bowl game, but it was in the back of our minds. In a game like this we had so many chances and didn't capitalize."

"They do a good job of mixing things up. Both lines are very good. You don't see lines like that often, especially on the same team. They are a well disciplined team and the best team we have played so far."

#20, LB, Michael Gholar: "We didn't know if was going to be the option or the option pass. We did a better job of defending it in the second half."

"In this league you play good teams. You got to keep going. You can't let three or four plays get you down because you have a tough game the next week."

"We prepared for the option; we just had a lot of other things to prepare for."

"We try to come out every game and play hard and not let things from the past weeks let us down. We know we strong and athletic, we just need to keep working hard."

#16, QB, Kevin Fant: "Special teams gave us a chance at the end. We just did not make the plays."

"Their defensive line dictates what is going to happen. They have a great defensive line and outside linebackers. Most of their defensive line will go pro."

(On 4th downs in 2nd half)- "It kills. We get the ball down in the red zone with enough time on the clock to come back, and can't get it in the end zone."

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