Alabama Signee: Alonzo Lawrence

The NCAA Clearinghouse will take a closer look as Alonzo Lawrence waits to learn of his moving date to Tuscaloosa.

Alonzo Lawrence--Cornerback, Height: 6-foot-1, Weight: 194 lbs.

Academic status:
"Right now, Coach [Kevin] Steele is keeping me updated on some stuff," Lawrence said. "I made a 24 on the ACT, and everything is currently being looked at by the NCAA. We should hear from them before the first summer term starts at the beginning of June, so hopefully I'll be able to report to Alabama by then."

Offseason workouts:
"I've mainly just been working out with my high school team and doing the stuff that's in the workbook Alabama gave me."

Expectations going into the fall:
"I mainly just want to improve on my technique. I'm going to try for a starting role. As far as the team, I just want to work hard, try to win a national championship and have fun."

Possible roommates:
"I'm not sure, but I'm trying to get in with some of the St. Paul guys [Ivan Matchett, Mark Barron, Destin Hood]."

On being a part of the nation's top signing class:
"It's really cool. It makes you feel good to be part of a great group of guys like that."

On having Saban coach defensive backs:
"My decision to come to Alabama had a lot to do with him coaching the DBs so much. It was one of the main reasons I chose Alabama. He's a corners coach who's been around all these different programs and knows what it takes to get you to the NFL."

When he knew Alabama was the right place to go:
"I kind of knew all along. [Former Alabama tight ends coach] Ron Middleton was at most of my practices, so that really said a lot about what they thought of me."

Where he would have ended up if he didn't choose Alabama:

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