Alabama Signee: Ivan Matchett

Ivan Matchett, running back signee from St. Paul's in Mobile, (Ala.), reported the news of his transcript in hopes of good news on the horizon. He also talked of what the Alabama staff sees in him on the next level. has the latest news...

Ivan Matchett – Running Back, Height: 5-foot-11, Weight: 208 lbs., Max bench: 345 lbs., Max squat: 555 lbs.

Academic status:
"I haven't gotten my final transcript yet, but I'm academically eligible. I made a 20 on the ACT."

When he'll report:
"I report June 2 for the first summer term at Alabama."

On off-season workouts:
"I've been working out since being out of school. I just started really picking it up around May 2. Really, I'm just focusing on speed and endurance, because I'm probably not going to get much bigger than I already am. I'm 5-foot-11 right now, so I think I've actually grown an inch in height."

Expectations for himself and the team in the fall:
"I just want to get in there and be good enough to play, give it all I've got so I can earn playing time. That's everyone's main goal, which will bring out the best in everybody. Hopefully we can compete with every team we play against. It'd be wrong to speak on behalf of other players because I haven't been there to see it yet. Everyone's going to have to push themselves to another level."

What the staff sees in him:
"They told me I can be an every down back. They said I have power to be a short yardage back, but elusiveness and speed to take it a long way, as well as the ability to block when needed. It's all about putting it all together and embracing that aspect of college football."

"I know for a fact that I'll be rooming with high school teammate Mark Barron. I'm not sure about the other two, but I'm cool with everyone in the signing class so it shouldn't be an issue."

On whom he would have signed with if he didn't end up at Alabama:
"Honestly, I didn't see anything that came close to Alabama as far as atmosphere, but I guess LSU and Auburn would have been up there. The thing is, as soon as I committed to Alabama, I closed my recruitment. So who knows."

Teammates he keeps up with the most:
"I work out with Glenn Harbin. Destin (Hood) goes to school with me. I also talk to guys like Julio Jones, B.J. Scott, Jerrell Harris…all of us keep in touch."

When he knew Alabama was the place for him:
"When I was sitting down and thinking about the whole process, and thinking to myself, ‘This is as good as it gets (at Alabama).' I committed the next day."

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