Alabama Signee: John Michael Boswell

John Michael Boswell, offensive lineman from Tuscaloosa (Ala.) County, is eager to move across town to begin his collegiate career. One of the big signees for the Tide was coached by former Alabama player Robert Higginbotham.

John Michael Boswell

Academic status:
"I am fully qualified. I made a 21 on the ACT. I haven't gotten my final transcript yet, but I probably finished around the 3.2 to 3.4 range with my GPA."

When he reports to campus:
"I move out June 1, and go to orientation on June 2. I will take classes the first summer term."

Off-season workouts:
"Coach Cochran (S&C Coach) gave me a workout book that I've been working with. The workouts are tough, but they will make you better."

Strength specs:
"6-6, 300 lbs. My max bench is 350 lbs. and max squat is 550."

What he wants to improve in his game:
"I just want to work on my quickness, work on getting more mobile. I figure in the college game it will be a lot quicker, the ends will be a lot faster, so I think it's definitely important to work on quickness."

Expectations for the season:
"I think we'll have a good year. I'm not sure about the wins-losses record, but I think we'll be better than last year."

Expectations for himself:
"I just want to go out there and compete, get in the rotation. If that doesn't work out, I can always redshirt."

"Not totally sure, but I think right tackle."

Boswell will room with Tyler Love, Barrett Jones and Brad Smelley.

Teammates he talks with the most:
"Mostly Love, [Barrett] Jones and Brad Smelley. I sometimes talk to Mark Ingram up in Michigan, and I've recently spoken with Don'ta Hightower and Michael Williams."

Coaches he's spoken with recently:
"I talked to coach Pendry and coach Cignetti yesterday. They were just seeing how everything is going and making sure I was going to be there for moving in."

School he would have gone to had he not committed to UA:

On being part of the number one class:
"It's a great feeling to be a part of the number one signing class in America. We have a good chance to win a national championship while we're here. I think coach Saban has the team going in the right direction, and he showed us that by going out and getting the number one class."

On when he knew he wanted to go to Alabama:
"Last year, the night before A-Day game (2007). Mom, dad and my high school coach asked if I was ready. I decided I was and went to A-Day just to make sure. When I went to A-Day, I just knew. I talked to coach Saban and that sort of put the nail in the coffin. Of course, having 92,000 fans there helped."

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