Tide tumbles from Top 10

A multiple-loss team with no hope of redeeming its national reputation in post-season play simply cannot afford a late season defeat--not if it has hopes of finishing highly ranked. <br><br>That was the reality Alabama fans faced Sunday, as the Crimson Tide dropped out of the Associated Press Top 10, probably for good.

Oklahoma and Iowa fans will protest--and both have an excellent argument--but Ohio State's victory over Michigan last Saturday, clinched their impressive 13-0 record and will propel them into the national championship game. Of course everyone expects Miami to be the Buckeyes' opponent, but two games remain before that match-up will be set in stone.

In the meantime, Hawkeye, Bulldog and Sooner fans are left praying for an upset. Of course Iowa and Georgia will need more than one.

Latest Associated Press Poll

No. Team        Record

 1. Miami        10-0
 2. Ohio State   13-0
 3. Oklahoma     10-1
 4. Iowa         11-1
 5. Georgia       9-1
 6. Southern Cal  9-2
 7. Notre Dame   10-1
 8. Kansas State 10-2
 9. Wash. State   9-2
10. Texas         9-2
11. Penn State    9-3
12. Michigan      9-3
13. colorado      8-4
14. ALABAMA       9-3
15. Florida       8-3
16. Colorado St. 10-2
17. Pittsburgh    8-3
18. LSU           8-3
19. Boise State  11-1
20. Auburn        8-4
21. N.C. State   10-3
22. VA Tech       8-3
23. Fla State     8-4
24. West Va.      8-3
25. Maryland      9-3

With national voters, some things never change. The West Coast bloc can always be expected to settle on a couple of teams, sticking with them almost no matter what. Southern Cal deserves to be a solid Top 10, but just watch what will happen should the Trojans manage a nationally televised victory over Notre Dame. And despite being unable to win something called the Apple Cup, Washington State remains among the AP elite.

BamaMag.com's Ballot

No. Team        Record

 1. Miami        10-0
 2. Ohio State   13-0
 3. Oklahoma     10-1
 4. Iowa         11-1
 5. Georgia       9-1
 6. Kansas State 10-2
 7. Southern Cal  9-2
 8. Notre Dame   10-1
 9. Texas         9-2
10. Penn State    9-3
11. ALABAMA       9-3
12. Pittsburgh    8-3
13. Wash. State   9-2
14. Colorado St. 10-2
15. Arkansas      8-3
16. LSU           8-3
17. Maryland      9-3
18. Florida       8-3
19. Michigan      9-3
20. Auburn        8-4
21. VA Tech       8-3
22. colorado      8-4
23. N.C. State   10-3
24. TCU		7-2
25. Kentucky      7-4

Perhaps surprisingly, we don't have a great deal to quarrel with regarding the Top 10. Kansas State is playing as well as anyone in the country, but don't expect national voters to give Bill Snyder's two-loss squad any quick respect.

Of course national voters do love those national names. Typically the AP gives Michigan, Colorado and Florida State more respect than their recent play deserves, while Pittsburgh, Maryland and TCU get the other side of that coin.

Boise State? Certainly an 11-1 record coupled with excellent statistics would argue in favor of ranking the WAC "power." But if that logic holds, then why is Hawaii nowhere to be found? The answer is that national voters love to vote for one cinderella.

But usually only one at a time.

Earlier dancers in the Top 25 ball have included Air Force and Bowling Green. This week Boise is the team wearing the glass slipper.

By ranking Arkansas and Kentucky in our Top 25, we open ourselves up for claims of regional bias. Maybe true, maybe not. But we're sticking with our prediction of the Razorbacks in Atlanta. If we're right, the AP will come around soon enough.

Teams we hated the most to leave off our ballot included Florida State, West Virginia, Boise State, Tennessee, Hawaii and Oregon State.

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