Time To Start Thinking About Bowls

No team is associated with bowl games – BIG bowl games – like the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama has been to more bowl games, won more bowl games, and won more major bowl games than any other college team.

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The goal is to be Number One, and with a current 7-0 record and Number Two national ranking (including second in the BCS rankings), there could be another huge bowl game in Alabama's future.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide football team aren't making bowl preparations yet. But, of course, they don't need to. When the bowl bid comes, everything the football team needs will have been taken care of.


You can do that through BamaMag.com, which has teamed up with Premiere Sports Travel to offer convenient bowl packages.

It's impossible to say where Alabama might go bowling. It could be the BCS National Championship Game in Miami on January 8. Perhaps the Sugar Bowl. There is even a scenario for the Rose Bowl, where Bama's unprecedented football history got jump-started. Tamps and Orlando are possibilities.

Wherever this magical season ends, we'll be there. And you can join us by pre-registering for information about the official BamaMag Bowl Packages.

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And make no mistake, you want to be on board when the Crimson Tide and BamaMag go bowling this year. Think about everything at stake.

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If you are concerned about making last-minute bowl travel plans on your own, well, you ought to be. The airline industry is a mess. Hotel rooms at the major bowl destinations are difficult to come by. Tickets are at a premium and scam-artist scalpers can be a real problem.

BamaMag Bowl Packages allow you to get rid of all of the stress of planning on your own. We partner with the dependable and reputable company Premiere Sports Travel to present a variety of packages that fit a variety of budgets.

These special packages will also allow you to interact with other members of the Crimson Tide community and different 'BAMA Magazine and BamaMag.com staffers.

So don't delay.

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