Felder re-affirms commitment

Alabama recruit Chris Felder, the first young man to commit to Alabama this past summer, confirmed to <I>BamaMag.com</I> earlier this week that his verbal is still solid.

After transferring to Wilcox Central High School from Thomasville High School, Felder's team didn't have a banner year. But coaches recruit on individual, not team, talent, and Felder hasn't seen a drop in attention from college recruiters.

An outstanding athlete, Felder (5-11, 167, 4.49) has played several positions in high school, including quarterback. However, his combination of make-up speed and quickness out of the break make him ideally suited for cornerback, which is where he projects on the college level.

Felder's frame and speed make him an ideal candidate for cornerback.

His ability is very visible on the field and on game film, and schools such as Texas A&M had begun to recruit him hard. In hopes of changing his mind. But Felder is standing firm. "I still want to go to Alabama," he said earlier this week. "I am still committed to the Crimson Tide."

There is double irony in Felder's recruitment by the Aggies. Ken Rucker, who briefly coached at Alabama for about a month in January of 2001, before returning for a second stint at Texas A&M, had begun to recruit him hard in hopes of changing his mind. But now that almost all of Bama's previous staff has moved to College Station, Rucker is out of a job and Felder can probably expect a call from his replacement.

Felder is the nephew of his high school coach, Shannon Felder, who played for Alabama from 1985 to 1987. Current Tide cornerback Anthony Madison is a former teammate of Felder's.

Felder is scheduled to take the ACT on Saturday and expects to fully qualify.

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