Most underrated No. 1 team

The Crimson Tide, an undefeated unified team, is somehow expected to lose by 10 points to The Gators, a team that lost to Ole Miss—an unranked team—earlier this season. Although this prediction might be an illogical assumption, it's not getting the Alabama players down.

"I hope more people continue to pick Florida because in the end [the game's] going be determined inside those white lines, so we're looking forward to the challenge," said Glen Coffee, Alabama's junior running back.

Some people might call these guys ignorant because all the experts and most of the country is pulling for Florida, but they just use the prediction as motivation to work even harder, as a family.

Alabama football is more than just fame, glory and being the celebrities of an entire state. They are more than the legends of Paul 'Bear' Bryant, more than their white and red shakers, more than their "Walk of Champions," and especially more than their tailgating—they are a team.

The whole nation might know about Florida's physical success on the field, but Alabama's chemistry on-and-off the field is something the analysts haven't noticed.

"There's a togetherness and a chemistry from a team's standpoint that makes this team one of my favorites of all time in terms of guys to coach," said Alabama Coach Nick Saban.

"It is important to them. I think because they have a tremendous respect and trust for each other. I think that's what makes team chemistry, and it's not that easy to get, and we are fortunate to have it on our team."

Team chemistry. That's something you won't find ranked in the ESPN Southeastern conference statistics or the BCS computer polls. But Alabama's performance has spoken for itself. The team has made fewer mistakes, stayed focused and most of all they support each other.

Alabama has the lowest number of penalties in the SEC conference with only 48 and have lost a total of 422 penalty yards, while Florida has the 2nd most penalties in the SEC with 88, and they have lost 713 penalty yards.

There are no superstars on the Crimson Tide, they are unified, they are one, and they represent Alabama football in a "first-class" way.

"Nobody is jealous of anybody else making plays. Everyone's just worried about one thing, and that's getting a win," said senior safety Rashad Johnson. "I just think we bum well together. We know our assignments. We go out there and do our job."

And that's the strategy that Nick Saban has been focusing on ever since he came to Alabama: focusing on one game at a time. Individual performance isn't as glorified as the team's overall performance.

"We've grown as a unit over the season," said Cory Reamer, Alabama junior linebacker.

This strategy has developed the Tide into a "Band of Brothers," rather than merely forced teammates.

The public is expecting a blowout for Florida, but the 22 guys in the crimson and white jerseys walking out of the locker room prior to kick-off know better than to let the media tell them how their season will go.

After all, their first big victory was against Clemson (No. 9) whom they beat 34-10, then later defeating Georgia (No. 3) 41-30. Being called the underdog by the media just gives the Alabama players another challenge.

"We've been the underdog in a lot of games we've played this year, and we're just going to push [the Florida] game just like we do any other game," said senior center Antoine Caldwell. "We're going to prepare hard for this game. We know it's going to be a huge game, and we're going to be ready to go."

When the Crimson Tide runs onto the field at the Georgia Dome on Saturday they will be motivated not only to keep their ranking, but also to prove all the analysts wrong.

The Alabama players are hungry for a challenge, especially when they know they are No. 1. Twelve times this season the Tide has entered games amidst it's doubters, 12 times they have kept their focus and stayed unified, and 12 times they've walked off the field victorious.

What matters to this team is they believe in their teammates, and they believe that in a few days they will win battle No. 13, no matter what anyone else thinks.

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