Here's Great Deal For Bama Coverage

Stay with me here for a moment. Okay, on the one hand you can have one pizza. On the other hand, two months of Crimson Tide premium coverage of football, recruiting, and all other Bama sports. Do you really need another pizza? Remember that New Year's resolution?

Alabama is in the homestretch of football recruiting and spring practice starts in just over two months. We've also got basketball underway (there could be big news on that front at any moment). And we've got a deal for you!

Right now you can purchase a monthly Alabama subscription on and get a second month FREE!

The way it works is that if you purchase a monthly subscription right now, you'll be billed as normal after the free trial period. When the second month rolls around, you will not be billed! Two for the price of One! You will be billed as a monthly subscriber after your free month if you don't cancel, and frankly, why would you??

That's right! For less than the price of a pizza, you can get two months and follow the rest of recruiting as Coach Nick Saban closes out the Crimson Tide class of 2009!

All this for $10.95. All recruiting stories. All the breaking news. All the prospect interviews and updated school lists.

You're thinking "There's got to be a catch."

Yes there is. The catch is that this offer is good only through Friday!

Simply purchase a monthly, 3-month or Annual subscription and we'll comp you the second month following the billing after the free trial.

Click Here to Take Advantage of this Offer You can call the Scout sales center at 1-888-501-5752 between 7am-4pm PST to take advantage of this great offer.

And remember, if you take the Annual package, you also get a full year (10 issues) of 'BAMA. Don't put it off. Offer ends Friday!

All this and you're also keeping the pizza off that waistline. What a deal.

Click Here to Take Advantage of this Offer

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