Thompson Probably Won't Get Third Chance

There was a tantalizing piece of rumor around Tuscaloosa this weekend. To begin with, there weren't any specifics, just whispers along the lines of "Lance Thompson has burned all his bridges here." The reasonable conclusion was that Thompson, who left Bama a few weeks ago to go to Tennessee, was calling prospects he had previously recruited for Alabama.

Lance Thompson, who coached Alabama outside linebackers but was better known as an outstanding recruiter who worked the Florida panhandle and South Alabama for the Crimson Tide, was recently hired by Tennessee, which appears to be attempting to build a staff of recruiters under new Head Coach Lane Kiffin.

There reportedly had been an interview with Thompson following his move to Knoxville in which he allegedly had pledged that he would not attempt to recruit players for the Vols if he had previously recruited them for Bama.

That seems like a nicety, but it's not realistic. Thompson is working for Tennessee now. He needs to get good football players for the Vols. The ones he is most knowledgeable about and has the best relations with are those he had previously tried to recruit for Coach Nick Saban's Crimson Tide team.

No one on the Alabama side expects that hiring James Willis from Auburn to replace Thompson doesn't bring some recruiting benefits.

Saturday night there were some more details regarding Thompson and his recruitment efforts.

The story goes that some in the Alabama party were entertained during this recruiting weekend. One of the prospects in Tuscaloosa reportedly shared his voice mail messages. There were, the story goes, eight from Thompson. And on one of them he said, "This is Coach Thompson from Alabama…I mean Tennessee."

Thompson has had two stints coaching at Alabama, having previously coached defensive linemen under Mike DuBose.

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