"On the field he's a beast.."

Chance Warmack, 6-3, 320-pound offensive guard from Westlake High School in Atlanta, Ga., was an early enrollee at the University of Alabama. Westlake's recruiting coordinator filled in more about his former athlete.

Coach Dalls Allen, who is the long-time coach of Westlake and current assistant Athletic Director also handles recruiting at Westlake.

"Chance is a student-athlete first of all," coach Allen said. "He is a well-mannered kid. He takes his academics seriously, and he comes from a good home, good father, good mother that are really concerned with his well-being."

"Athletically, he is the proto-type athlete that Alabama wants. He has the size, the speed, has wits about him to be a big-time player for the University. I personally feel that he has an opportunity to play on that level and the next level. If the Lord sees fit for him to do that. I really can't say enough about the kid."

"He's a great young man, very intelligent. He smiles off the field, but on the field he's a beast."

"I think that he needs to work on, with SEC schools, you've got to play your best down every down. Chance just needs to work hard on being consistent as far as his game."

"He plays well, he's a real good game. He just needs to be consistent and stay consistent because on that level there is no taking a play off. You have to be on your game every down. If there is anything he really needs to work on it is work on his concentration on being the best player every down."


"I think any time a kid sees and knows the background of Coach Nick Saban you want to prepare yourself under his expert tutelage," Allen said. "Coach Saban is a coach that pretty much guarantee results. He's a no-nonsense type of guy. He's a workaholic and perfectionist so you know in the game of football if you want to really perfect your craft his program is the kind of program you want to put yourself in."

Chance Warmack graded out in Westlake's system as B+ with approximately 15 pancake blocks for his senior season.

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