Cody On Mission To Shed Some Pounds

The interruption in Alabama spring football practice may be coming at a bad time for upcoming senior nose tackle Terrence Cody. Oh, sure, Alabama has had just one day of football practice. But Cody has been working hard in the winter off-season program on the most important thing he needs to do: lose weight.

There are legendary stories about Mama's cooking, and Terrence Cody is headed home to Fort Myers, Florida. That's where the 6-5 Cody put on a number of those 364 pounds he carries. He plans to "relax and work out a little," he said.

"I'm trying to get down to 355," Cody said following Alabama's first workout of spring practice Friday. "Maybe 350."

It will be 10 days before Alabama has its second practice. Players joined their college schoolmates as The University began spring break after classes Friday. Classes and practice resumes Monday, March 23, aiming towards an April 18 A-Day Game.

"I want to lose weight for my health," Cody said. "I want to be in better shape for the draft. And I need to lose weight so I can sustain and play the whole game without slowing down. I want to lose weight so I can be a better player next season.

"That's what Coach Saban talks to me about all the time, that I play good at the weight I am and that I can be really good if I'll lose 10 or 15 pounds."

Cody was among Crimson Tide players watching a handful of their 2008 teammates working out for NFL scouts on Wednesday. Did he have any regrets about not having declared for the draft a year early like teammates Andre Smith and Glen Coffee? "No regrets," he said.

Cody said his off-season work had been concentrating on drills that will help make him a better pass rusher. Last year he was often removed from games in pass-rush situations.

Cody said he thought the defense looked good on the first day. "Everything we did last year, I think we're going to be doing better this year," he said.

The big tackle specifically cited playing in the fourth quarter. He said, "One of the questions we ask ourselves is ‘Did we win the fourth quarter?' There were several games last year when we did not win the fourth quarter, like Florida (in the Southeastern Conference championship game)."

Cody said that new nose tackle teammate Kerry Murphy "looked pretty good. When he wins the plays he's going to be good."

Cody is recognized by his teammates as having star quality. When Alabama's football team was in Coleman Coliseum for the Auburn basketball game in order to accept a trophy for the Tide's 36-0 football win over Auburn, Cody was an attraction, signing autographs "for about 45 minutes."

He said everywhere he goes "someone knows me and I sign autographs, pose for pictures. I get a kick out of it. It's fun to have some kid shake my hand and go ‘Wow!'" He admitted to a strange autograph request following the Auburn game.

"Some drunk woman wanted me to autograph her chest," he said.

Well, did he?

"I signed her shirt."

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