Tide Ends Home Season In Big Way

The Alabama Rowing team closed out its 2009 home season by sweeping SMU and taking three of five races against North Carolina Saturday morning on the Black Warrior River in front of a crowd of more than 250 fans.

"It was a good day of racing," Alabama Coach Larry Davis said. "The weather was tremendous and the conditions on the river were good, if a little fast. Our fans were great as always. Our ladies got a real boost hearing all the cheering. I thought our ladies did a very nice job against some good competition. Whether we won or lost, I thought we competed well up and down the line. We were in some tough, close races and we fought all the way."

The Tide won the Novice 8+, Second Varsity 8+ and in the most exciting race of the day, edged the Tar Heels in the First Varsity 8+ race by seven-tenths of a second.

"Our First Varsity 8+ never gave up and just kept after it the whole way, especially in the last 500 meters of the course," Davis said. "It's that kind of performance that is going to help us when we get to the championship portion of the season."

The Tide's Novice 8+ boat is now 8-1 on the season, a mark that includes wins against Clemson, Penn and Tennessee as well as today's wins against UNC and SMU.

Alabama beat the Mustangs in the Novice 4+ and Varsity 4+ races, and finished second to UNC. The Varsity 4+ was another close affair with the Tide going down to the wire with the Tar Heels only to fall by 1.2 seconds.

The Tide also honored its seniors, Katie Allaway, Cara Allison, Victoria Croy and Kathryn Tippey in their final home race on the Black Warrior River for their contributions to the young program.

"These four young women have meant a lot to our program, not only in what they have helped us accomplish on the water, but in their leadership and the example they have set," Davis said. "They have helped move this program forward several big steps along the way."

With the regular season behind it, Alabama returns to action in two weeks at the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships in Oak Ridge, Tenn.


Novice 4+ -

1. UNC "B" 9:28.8;

2. UA 9:50.5 Coxswain: Sarah Cleveland, Audrey White, Blake Reed, Chelsea Brunson, Kim Stone;

3. UNC "A" 10:41.4

Novice 8+ -

1. UA 7:33.0 Coxswain: Paige Storey, Erika Baranek, Bianca Arrington, Kristen Iverson, Veronica Wilson, Stephanie Varner, Valarie Vargas, Jessica Allaway, Leigh Ann Terch;

2. UNC 7:50.1

Second Varsity 8+ -

1. UA 7:52.7 Coxswain: Cathryn Whitlock, 8 - Katie Smith , 7 - Lauren Miller, 6 - Jess Autrey, 5 - Amelia Houghton, 4 - Sarah Witt, 3 - Leigh Erin Waddell, 2 - Daniella Barone, 1 - Katie Allaway;

2. UNC 7:55.0;

3. SMU 8:05.9

Varsity 4+ -

1. UNC 9:07.4;

2. UA "A" 9:09.0 Coxswain: Mary Vlasis, Camille Campbell, Chelsea Collins, Lauren Hovey, Helen Barnes;

3. UA "B" 9:38.8 Coxswain: Sarah Cleveland, Tacoma Morrissey, Christine Kapurch, Audrey White, Blake Reed;

4. SMU 9:48.0

Varsity 8+ -

1. UA 7:23.9 Coxswain: Bailey Sanders, Laura Scaggs, Nikki Lopez, Victoria Croy, Sara Leibold, Stacey Ogle, Jessy Scivley, Cara Allison, Katie Spohr

2. UNC 7:24.6;

3. SMU 7:35.8

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