Signee: Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore, four-star lineman from Carver High School in Montgomery, Ala., is getting in shape before his arrival in Tuscaloosa. He updated the latest including the type athlete coach Nick Saban is recruiting.

Jonathan Franco: What is your current height and weight, bench, squat and power clean?
Brandon Moore: "6-5, 327. I really don't do much lifting. They want us to do a lot of running to keep in shape. I'm mostly running 110s."

JF: What is your offseason work-out routine?
BM: "I go outside and run six-to-eight 110s. On the weekends I go up to the YMCA and do some light weight lifting."

JF: What part of your game do you think you could improve the most?
BM: "Stamina. When I'm on the field, and my mind gets tired, my whole body starts getting tired. So probably my stamina."

JF: What is the strongest part of your game?
BM: "Speed. I'm fast for my weight."

JF: What does the staff like the most about you?
BM: "I'm dedicated. I'm trying to come in and help them to their goals. I'm a good person, and I'm not gonna cause no problems with anybody. That's what they are looking for when they recruit people."

JF: Jersey number?
BM: "No. 93-Bobby Greenwood. He's from Prattville. That's close to Montgomery. Tyson Jackson, No. 93, Saban recruited him also."

JF: Teammates you keep up with the most?
BM: "AJ [McCarron], Nico [Johnson], I got both their numbers. I got Coach Smart and Cochran [strength and conditioning coach]. I used to always see D.J. [Fluker], and we used to talk even before we committed."

JF: Who are the coaches you speak with the most?
BM: "[Scott] Cochran, [Kirby] Smart and [Bo] Davis."

JF: When did you know Alabama was the right school for you?
BM: "I kind of always figured I'd go there. Florida offered me later on. It was a battle between them. I visited right after they won the national championship, so they had a pretty good atmosphere. I knew I wasn't going to go to LSU, Tennessee and Auburn."

JF: What's the fastest 40-time you've ever recorded? Hand-timed and electronically.
BM: "4.87 hand-timed, 5.1 laser-timed. When you're in a game and running against someone else it's different."

JF: What's your favorite restaurant in Montgomery?
BM: "Red Lobster."

JF: Your favorite video game?
BM: "Madden, Grand Theft Auto, Tekken."

JF: Your GPA and ACT score?
BM: "3.4 for senior year, 18."

JF: When do you report to Alabama?
BM: "First session, May 31, June 1st."

JF: Are you coming off any injuries?
BM: "I had an injury before the last game of the season, and in the first game of the play-offs, but I played two games hurt. I'm just bruised up a little bit. I'm not doing any sort of rehab."

JF: Do you consider yourself more of a pass rushing defensive end or a run stuffer?
BM: "I consider myself a pass rusher. That's what I really like doing. If they are bigger I will be faster, and if they are faster I will be more powerful, and use that to my advantage."

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