Signee: Kevin Norwood

Kevin Norwood, three-star wide receiver from D'Iberville High School in Biloxi, Miss., has a great future ahead of him as a part of the Tide's class of 2009. He updates the latest of his off-season work-outs, grades, and the influence of family members about his college decision.

Jonathan Franco: What is your current height and weight, bench, squat, power clean?
Kevin Norwood: "6-3 190, benching 235. Last time I did it was 345, three times. I haven't maxed out on squat in a while."

JF:What is your offseason work-out routine?
KN: "Basically, speed, sometimes squats. We don't do much squats, hand cleans, power cleans. I do a workout where I do thighs and traps. I do abs, and I work my hips. I do agility with a ladder. I run like two or three miles every day after the workout."

JF: What part of your game do you think you could improve the most?
KN: "Route running, be a little more crisp with my route running. I'm working with a wide receiver that went to Mississippi Valley State, Clarence Cotton. He runs pretty good routes."

JF: What is the strongest part of your game?
KN: "My ability to go up and get the ball, and go after the ball diving-wise. Once the ball's out of the QB's hand and it's thrown to me, I'm gonna try to the best of my ability to get it. Whether diving for the ball or running as fast as I can or going up over a cornerback or a safety."

JF: What does the staff like the most about you?
KN: "My character, the way I handled myself. That's one of the most important things is to have good character."

JF: Jersey number?
KN: "I wish 24, but I don't know to tell you the truth. That's what I had since middle school. Two+four is what? Six. That number kind of stuck with me."

JF: Which teammates do you keep up with the most?
KN: "I've got Demetrius Goode's number. I've mostly just have kept to myself so far."

JF: Who are the coaches you speak with the most?
KN: "Coach [Burton] Burns."

JF: When did you know Alabama was the right school for you?
KN: "When I went up there and visited, and my mom and aunt came with me. They really liked it. I never heard them talk about a college like that--how good it was, how everyone was nice, how big the campus was. It is a beautiful campus. It was awesome. It felt good in my heart to know they liked it."

JF: What's the fastest 40 time you've ever recorded? Electronically or hand-timed.
KN: "4.41 hand-timed, electronically-4.45."

JF: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
KN: "Anywhere where there's good steak and mashed potatoes."

JF: What's your favorite music?
KN: "I listen to almost anything Rap, R&B. I just listen to the words and see what it's about."

JF: What is your GPA and ACT score?
KN: "3.1. I got all As right now. Hopefully it will be a 3.1 when I get done. [ACT] 15."

JF: When do you report to Alabama?
KN: "June 1st."

JF: Are you coming off any injuries or surgeries?
KN: "No. I'm healthy right now. That's one thing I've been blessed with."

JF: There is some speculation you could come in as a true freshman with your ability to step in at the wideout opposite of Julio Jones. Your thoughts, and how early do you expect to play?

KN: "I'm working real hard right now. I just want to go in and give it my best. That's what I'm going to do. I've been practicing routes and catching balls, not every day, but probably three times a week. I'm out here working hard trying to get that position. I can be a playmaker. I'd like to get on the other side of Julio Jones and give him some help."

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