Signee: Nico Johnson

Nico Johnson, five-star linebacker from Andalusia, Ala., is truly focused on his arrival in Tuscaloosa. He updates the latest with his work-out program, and the goal for his freshman season.

Jonathan Franco: What is your current height and weight, bench, squat and power clean?
Nico Johnson: I'm 6-3, 235. My bench is 335. I'm not doing squats right now. I'm doing 325 on dead lift."

JF: What is your offseason work-out routine?
NJ: "I'm doing the running that coach [Scott] Cochran told me to do. I'm doing some of the workouts from my books, but I have a personal trainer. I'm working on my power, explosiveness, speed, agility and quickness."

JF: What part of your game do you think you could improve the most?
NJ: "Everything. That's my motto right now. I need to be better than the man in front of me. I'm trying to be better than all freshmen linebackers."

JF: What is the strongest part of your game?
NJ: "I don't have one. Everything needs improvement each and every day. I don't have strengths."

JF: What does the staff like most about you?
NJ: "I couldn't even tell you. They must like something."

JF: Jersey number?
NJ: "At this point I don't know because Ali Sharrief has 26. I don't really know."

JF: What teammates do you keep up with the most?
NJ: "None. AJ [McCarron] is the last recruit that I talked to, but I haven't communicated with many since A-Day."

JF: Who are the coaches you speak with the most?
NJ: "At first it was coach [Kirby] Smart that I talked with a lot since coach Thomspon had left, but I haven't talked to him in a day or so."

JF: When did you know Alabama was the right school for you?
NJ: "I kinda knew I had a thing about Alabama. I've been a fan all my life. We had lost a game that week that we weren't supposed to lose early in the season. I sat there that Saturday thinking about what I needed to do, and it was Alabama."

JF: What's the fastest 40 time you've ever recorded? Electronically-timed or hand-timed?
NJ: "Electronic-4.58. I haven't run it recently. I'm sure I'm faster than that now. All I've really been working on is my 40 and staying in shape."

JF: Where's your favorite place to go out to eat?
NJ: "Ryan's."

JF: What's your favorite music?
NJ: "Pretty much everything. I listen to it all. Rap, some country, R&B. Pretty much all."

JF: What is your GPA and ACT?
NJ: "I'm still working on my GPA. I'm trying to get it to 3.0. I'm taking classes right now. I got a B, but I'm trying to get an A. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is right now. [ACT] 19."

JF: When do you report to Alabama?
NJ: "31st of this month."

JF: Are you coming off any injuries or surgeries?
NJ: "I had surgery at the beginning of the season. I tore a ligament in my right ring finger, and pulled a hamstring and my groin at the Alabama camp. It kept giving me problems through the year. It's just now getting well. I just got done with rehab. I guess that's why I'm so hesitant about power clean and squat. I just got back into it recently."

JF: What linebacker position do you expect to play SAM, Will, or Mike?
NJ: "It really doesn't matter. Whatever the best fit for the team. Whatever's gonna be best for the team. I'm gonna work hard to beat the man in front of me each and every day."

JF: Do you expect to start or get significant reps as a true freshman?
NJ: "My goal is to start the Virginia Tech game. That's my goal. That's how hard I'm gonna have to work."

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