Signee Update: Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson, five-star running back from Escambia High School in Pensacola, Fla., is prepared to become a vital part of Alabama's backfield in 2009 as a true freshman. He tells our readers about his running style, how having a child will affect his college experience, and more.

Jonathan Franco: What is your current height, weight, bench, squat, power clean?
Trent Richardson: "5-11, 230, 405 bench, 585 squat max. Me and my home boy have been working out. I showed him up on power clean. First we had four skillets, then five skillets, then six skillets. I just up'ed him whatever he did."

"He played offensive line for us. He weighs 331 pounds, 365 power clean. Coaches made me stop because they didn't want me to go up anymore. I can power clean whatever I bench, put it like that. I did 365 my junior year last year. I got work for myself. It's not over with for me."

JF: What is your offseason workout routine?
TR: "I go to the bluffs three-four times a week and do the sand hills at the bluff. When I'm not doing that I do 10-4s, 10-20s, and 10-110s. When I do speed drills, 110s, 120s. Other than that I just work on my drills, my steps and stuff."

JF: What part of your game do you think you could improve the most?
TR: "Being that I'm fixing to go to college just being more patient. I don't have to make as many moves as I did in high school and working on my pass blocking."

"I can't go in saying I'm the number No. 1 or No. 2 running back in the nation. I can look back later and say I did this and that last year. Yeah, I was this and that, but what can I do next year in the NCAA."

"Those are the goals that I set for myself. How can I better the football team with my blocks, my cuts, my reads, my fakes."

JF: What is the strongest part of your game and how would you describe your running style?
TR: "I just think when the ball's in my hand that's the strongest part of my game. I got speed, I got quickness, strength, and power. When that ball's in my hand it's crazy what I can do."

JF: Jersey number?
TR: "Hopefully No. 1. I know B.J.'s [Scott] on defense, but we might be on special teams. It really doesn't matter. I'm a ball player man just give me a jersey number."

JF: Which teammates do you keep up with the most?
TR: DJ [Fluker], AJ [McCarron], and Dre [Kirkpatrick] and [Michael] Bowman. Greg Reid, Jamal Reid, Andre Debose, Ray Ray Armstrong and Jaamal Berry."

"There's a lot of those boys man. We keep in touch, Russell Shepard, Craig Loston, and Sam Montgomery. We all know that we're going to be there one day, that's all we working for. You want to be around the best you know. You like to keep in touch. I still made friends with those other guys too, but when we get on the field we aren't friends."

JF: Which coaches do you speak with the most?
TR: "I speak with coach [Burton] Burns and coach [James] Willis. I love coach Pendry, coach Saban, and coach Mac. It's crazy man. I keep in touch with all of them."

JF: What's the fastest 40 time you've ever recorded? Electronically or hand-timed. What's your best 100 meter time?
TR: "4.35 hand-timed and 4.37 electronic, 10.32 100 meter."

JF: Do you feel you lost speed with you added weight?
TR: "Nah, I don't feel like that. I feel like my junior year I was a little faster, and I had a little more breaks. It was easier to stop. I got to break a lot of long runs my junior year. But this year we had a lot of rainy days, so I didn't get to break as many long runs."

JF: Where's your favorite place to go out to eat?
TR: "We got this hibachi grill in town that's really good. King Buffet Chinese restaurant is good. Me and Coach Meyer went and ate there."

JF: What's your favorite music?
TR: "Hip Hop and Rap. I like Gospel music too, and R&B."

JF: Your GPA and ACT?
TR: "It was a 3.3 last year and a 3.0 overall, 18 [ACT]."

JF: When do you report to Alabama?
TR: "June 1st."

JF: Are you coming off any injuries or surgeries?
TR: "In track I strained my hamstring a little bit. I didn't stretch, and I was coming around a curve in the track and didn't get my legs up. I could feel it, but it ain't nothing big."

"I didn't run as much in the track season as I usually do. I'm about 80-90-percent. I'll be 100-percent by the time the season rolls around."

JF: How do you respond to expectations of you projecting as one of the next great running backs at Alabama?
TR: "That's big man, but I got to be me. I'm not Shaun Alexander. I'm not Glen Coffee. I need to make sure I play the game the way I've been coached."

"I'm going to run the way coach Saban wants me to run. I'm going to do what I do best which is to run the football. I'm a football player. My only response to that is, 'Roll Tide man.'

JF: How would you describe your running style?
TR: "Ricky Williams, Barry Sanders and Marion Barber."

JF: What do you expect from your role in 2009?
TR: "Come in and compete. They said I can be the extra receiver. The way they're talking they're ready for me to do everything to tell you the truth. They've got a lot planned for me."

JF: How will having a child affect your college experience?
TR: "It encourages me and gives me an extra push. When we need three yards I'm going to get four just because of that."

"It gives me something to work towards because I didn't have no daddy in my life. I didn't have that growing up. That's why I'm playing, that's why I love the sport. It opens up so much for my kid. It will take care of me and my family."

JF: What kind of relationship do you have with Coach Meyer?
TR: "Me and Coach Meyer still have a good relationship to this day. We even got the same birthday."

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